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Wednesday, 18 March 2015


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After reading this article I have been playing Peggy Lee music all morning and I actually think this man is a bit harsh about her talents.
There weren't many better than Miss Lee.
She really could sing and was smart enough to use the best arrangers and musicians..... Sinatra himself conducted the orchestra on one of her recordings.
She was a very good lyricist and composer and don't forget her successful lawsuit against the Disney Corp. re "Lady and the Tramp."
That paved the way for ALL old actors and musicians to be paid royalties for new-fangled stuff like video-cassettes.
She had her style and it may get a bit monotonous sometimes but she also did some very good Blues and I've always liked her "Latin a la Lee" album.
She does a fine "Cee Cee Rider" and that's one of my favourites.
Miss Peggy Lee, as far as I'm concerned has left a great legacy that not many can surpass.
If you like Peggy Lee check out Anita O'Day. These ladies were probably the greatest 'white' jazz singing ladies of them all.

I wouldn't describe the article as "harsh", Andra. He rightly places her up there alongside Sinatra - than whom etc, etc. But apparently she did have personality problems - not exactly unknown amongst 'stars'. Still, thank God we can still enjoy her singing about which you are obviously more knowledgeable than me.

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