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Friday, 20 March 2015


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Oh, I dunno. Had to put my headlights on up here in North Derbys, north of 53 degrees, and according to the late Mr. Kipling There is no Law' of God nor Man runs North of the '53.'

What no virgins to chuck in a volcano? That's what one does at an eclipse isn't it.

The Great Spirit probably abandoned the eclipse when he/she/it realised you hadn't got the requisite virgin.

I was going to ask about the lady vicar but that would probably be indelicate.

OK Back to the naughty corner.

Heh, typical, you Northerners nick all the good things!

AussieD - virgins in Britain in this 21st century? Only below the age of 10 and with all the paedos we keep hearing about we can't be too sure about them, either!

It was a partial eclipse in the UK so no blackout plus it was cloudy in most of it so hardly any light was getting in anyway. I watched it and was a tad disappointed. Still, better than working.

AussieD. Virgins are at a premium due to high demand in the Middle East. More required due to martyrdom in Yemen.

We'd planned a march of the virgins for JK's birthday today but one was sick and the other refused to march alone.
Never mind.
Better luck next year.

We had a good view of it here in Derbyshire. No lady vicars shedding their clothes though, which is a blessing.

'Northerner?' East Midlander, please! I'm a proud 'woolly-back' from God's own county.

Sorry, Oswald, but, darling, you're north of the M4 and that's all it takes!

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