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Wednesday, 11 March 2015


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Might have to enter an email, I figure ya'll realize how to avoid charges

JK, I haven't been signed on with them since right after they were hacked a couple of years ago. It too a good bit to clean up.

Hard to read that passage with a dry eye.

Look at us now: cowering before the very people we once defeated, beholden for our very laws to a bunch of unelected foreign bureaucrats, the Royal Navy reduced to eighteen ships (Eighteen!) - and no doubt to be reduced further, our trade dependent on people we don't control and barely influence, and trembling lest Mr. Putin decides to wreak revenge on us, revenge we cannot avoid and dare not respond to.

O tempora o mores.

Posted by: Whitewall | Thursday, 12 March 2015 at 12:01

"JK, I haven't been signed on with them since right after they were hacked a couple of years ago. It too a good bit to clean up." (More than a couple actually.)

Oh? I recall the very precise date I was informed of the hack - got me on Wikileaks (and that particular Google entry [and the three days prior, the three days subsequent] didn't particularly, take me too much to clean up.

You recall the holiday WW? ... George posting within the hour to the USNI site?

I'd actually been informed somewhat earlier - eight but no more that ten minutes my card issuer rang me up querying, "JK, you in Oman?"

"Nope. Do a .... .... .... .... .. [#set] then, ... ... ... [#set]."

Took a single visit by a couple of .. actually pretty courteous fellows .. to clear all that up. Had to call in twice but both those times were toll free.

Now I did have the sense to Freeze My Numbers so I, just as you might imagine WW ask, didn't you think of that?

Very locally I will admit to some surprises but, once I'd explained I was never active after the 3056Q program went active, that was that.

I take it you worked for the guy I chose not?

Can't think of any other reason you might've duressed.

JK, I was only touched by the hack over Christmas-New Year about three years ago I think. Time flies. George did come forth quickly and accepted responsibility for the entire breakdown.

In my life, it wasn't so much the places I have been, it was the kinds of places and it was the things I saw and did. That's why I am so alarmed by the world's current state of affairs...not just the US. History does not repeat. People repeat history. Sorry to be so vague.

Just I noticed WW, and no big deal nor that it matters (and actually I'm happy for everybody avoided that Prick Assange)

Well, you know what I mean I'm damn near certain, it was only the folks with a certain type of cc tie-in, & ships boats and certain P3s & shit. I realize WW. No foul. You yell a warning the horseshoe is rolling - I yell "My turn to throw!"

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