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Thursday, 09 April 2015


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Dear "queen of all the pansies"..Tulips, can you do tulips? That is my gardening goal. So far no joy.

The Prussian General staff who presumably devised or at the very least ratified the Schlieffen plan and thereby the mechanism for blowing up the world of freedom and replacing with a world of statist oppression.

Good grief, 'Whiters', It's a pleasure to meet a gardener even more incompetent than me! Tulips? All you have to do is stick the bulb in the ground and wait. Mind you, the flower head doesn't last very long but the leaves hang around for ever.

Yes, indeed, 'Cuffers', I think you could say that the Schlieffen plan was the most brilliant, carefully worked out, expert, military plan of all time - and it failed in six weeks. Mind you, the Jap naval staff didn't do much better at Pearl Harbour. Makes you wonder, can we ever trust our generals and admirals?


Perhaps these folks at Holland, Michigan can help you as there tulip festival begins in may.

The website

Might take a little deeper look into the line of Blucher's march David, the march appears to go EEN.

There'd been rain No? (Artillery "bounce" couldn't be counted?) "Old Hookey" was firmly in place - period terrain maps plainly show where the run-off - drain inevitably went (Roman era roads). Modern topo maps, in my considered opinion too, show the obvious. Or - what might be if you'd exert the least bit. [Table of Peutinger - Hank?]


Anyway David, get the pre pre pre Waterloo map.

SoD's probably got acquaintances who'll be able to get elevations on the places noted here:

This topography - even now ... or rather, especially - gives ol' JK reckons, the facts.

And David that's what you wants Right?

Just the facts.

"The retreat of the Prussians was not interrupted, and was seemingly unnoticed, by the French.[18] Crucially, they retreated not to the east, along their own lines of communication and away from Wellington, but northwards, parallel to Wellington's line of march and still within supporting distance, and remained throughout in communication with Wellington." [My emphasis]

And who's "Old Hookey"? He's not Barney Magroo's right hand man, is he?

Has the memsahib ever read this blog?

Are you mad? She doesn't need to, she hears it everyday of her life as I drone on and on and on!

I take it, Andra, that you don't know who "Old Hookey" is either!


"War is the continuation of politics (or policy) by other means." K v Clausewitz.

Back when I taught such things the first "Principle of War" is the OBJECTIVE! (The political goal or policy objective.) (At the mention of "principle of war" one should bow down and Ko tow in direction of Ft Leavenworth.)

What was the objective of the Prussian army in the Low Countries in 1815?

If it was to preserve the Army to fight another day, Gneisenau was correct.

If it was to defeat the French Army, Blucher was correct.

Given the political direction and the situation Blucher was right., but without Gneisenau to do the technical direction he would have failed.

This Illustrates one of the rules of thumb of the German General Staff. a technician makes a good chief of staff, Some one who can see the broader picture should be commander.

In 1914 the General Staff ware still good technicians. Kieser William I failed to see the political situation. the Schlieffen plan turne dout to be A continuation of a fantasy by other means.

David. Got my package today from Worcestershire Medal Service on the Battle. Commemorative Coin and brief history booklet.
Sorry David for changing the subject but the link should be taken seriously. The other link was not informative. The authorities have been trying for a decade not to admit a religious racist attack was the reason for murder.

Dear Hank

Where the heck is Ft Levenworth? Is that the pub just outside the college at Sandhurst?

Thanks, Hank, particularly your last paraphrase: "A continuation of a fantasy by other means" - excellent.

Of course, to add to the irony of the Prussian High Command at Waterloo was the fact that Blucher had a history of mental problems, he was once convinced that he had been impregnated by an elephant - yeeeees, quite!

Of course, he would have looked like the silly old fool he was if Wellington, instead of standing at Waterloo, had scarpered off westwards towards the sea to be rescued by the Royal Navy - well, it's the sort of thing they do so awfully well! What is remarkable is that both accepted each other's word of honour - despite Wellington knowing that Gneisenau wanted out.

Jimmy, I assume there will be a suitable ceremony with the missus kissing you on both cheeks - and don't bother, I do the jokes round here!
As for the other matter, alas, Jimmy, it's "all blood under the bridge" and there will be plenty more unless people stay calm.

"JK. ... And who's "Old Hookey"? He's not Barney Magroo's right hand man, is he?"

The soldiers called him "Old Hookey" as he was noted for his distinctive large hooked nose.

Ah, that 'napalun' site about which I have some doubts but I haven't managed to read it all carefully. Anyway, thanks, JK.

In the meantime, can you have a word with that nice Mr. Cotton and tell him not to go around threatening to bomb Iranian bunkers without thinking through the consequences!

And by the way, you're either up very late or very early! But thanks for your info.

Gneisenau reminds me of Lt. Colonel Hentsch, another intelligent and deservedly well thought of Staff Officer who decided to convince Von Kluck to abandon his First Army's inward wheel East of Paris in pursuit of the battered French Fifth Army and follow Moltke's orders to march in echelon behind Bulow's Second, not an easy task with the forceful and aggressive Von Kluck and one whose success shows just how persuasive and logical Hentsch was.
(Von Kluck has been unfairly accused of opportunism in not following the Schlieffen Plan by keeping to a route taking him West of Paris,and veering East instead. The fact was that the Germans had no troops to spare, and were already fielding the maximum the Belgian railway system could handle. As for the three Corps from the right flank despatched in a panic to East Prussia, I don't believe their absence had time to affect Von Kluck's fighting capacity.)
Just so happened that Hentsch succeeded in swaying his commander, and Gneisenau didn't.


Ft Leavenworth Kansas is the home of the

The US Army Command and General Staff Collage.

Too Cuffleyburgers,

Leavenworth Kansas is where Obama's maternal Grandfather was born and raised.

That alone should determine whether it's a spot on the map you might Cuffleyburgers put on your itinerary.

David? Should you ever wish to rile one of my daughters all you need to is inquire where in Kansas Obama went first "to explore his family roots."

Met Kathleen Sebelius there too. She of Healthcare dot gov website fame.

I taught a History class there too - different century though (thank God).

(Do keep in mind El Dorado and Leavenworth ain't even nearwise in the same zipcode Whiters. Michael.)


Talk about

A New View of Waterloo

January 2007:

"Obama has suggested that his judgment trumps experience. What judgment? He has admitted using cocaine throughout his school years. The enormous pressures of the presidency call for experience, knowledge and yes -- the proven ability to have had good judgment under pressure. The stakes are too high this time around."

Who is the man with the Hookey Nose? Our Harry.

Harry's a Hookey-Nose Jimmy?

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