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Sunday, 19 April 2015


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I don't want them to wake up! I would like them to keep taking whatever it is - and bugger off!

Harsh, BOE, very harsh! I am torn; yes, they irritate me but on the other hand, so does just about everybody these days, and they do have their virtues. Alas, however, I think they are on their way and soon they will find that 'nice' Mr. Juncker and his cronies are infinitely worse than 'Dim Dave'. Ask any Greek!

I only read a couple of Scottish blogs. Their dislike of the English borders on hatred. And their feelings are being fuelled by the realisation that the English (excepting our politicians) don't really care whether they go or stay. That really annoys them.

Just goes to show, BOE, don't read blogs - oooooops!

If Scotland leaves the Union voluntarily then we would not have any right to trade with England or indeed the EU however if Scotland is kicked out of the Union then we would be entitled to remain in the EU. What Scots do not seem to realise is they will be competing with England rather than sharing. I would put my money on who would win. Irrespective of the outcome Scotland will blame England for everything and this will carry on into the future. It will not be an amiacable separation. The SNP propoganda for seperation has changed over the last decade where they have attempted not to be seen as anti English but they are the same worm's.

Well Jimmy, as far as I can see, the English are blamed for everything! I expect we can stand whinging from the Scots. The Scots are perfectly safe of course, we don't have any politicians with guts enough to tell them to join the queue and get stuffed!

B of F. The English do take a lot of shit and blame but on occasion they have been known to wake up. I wonder why they have taken so long in this case. Just too nice!

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