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Saturday, 04 April 2015


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It was Christopher Plummer Duke of Boots that kept it in his pocket circa 1814.

Christopher Plummer, of course it was, how silly of me to forget, Jimmy!

"Master of the Reverse Slope tactic."

Numerous mentions of that.

"There is evidence that the selection of the ridge of Mont St.Jean Farm where Wellington gave battle may not, as has almost universally been accepted, have necessarily been the Duke's first choice. According to Lord Fitzroy Somerset, his Military Secretary, writing a year after the battle, it is possible Wellington initially considered what was to become the French ridge (although facing south), with La Belle Alliance as the centre. Fitzroy Somerset stated that at the start of the withdrawal from Quatre-Bras on 17 June Wellington had sent De Lancey ahead with instructions to mark out a defensive position blocking the Charleroi and Nivelles roads south of Waterloo. Seemingly, de Lancey had some discretion. Later that afternoon when the Duke and his staff arrived at La Belle Alliance he halted, thinking this might be the position. Fitzroy Somerset wrote: '... on arriving near La Belle Alliance he [the Duke] thought it was the position the Qr.M.Genl. would have taken up, being the most commanding ground, but he [de Lancey] had found it too extended to be occupied by our troops, & so had proceeded further on and marked out a position." (Adkin - "Waterloo Companion" p 93)

From the above posted link. You're welcome David.

JK, you are here-by appointed my Chief of Staff - well done, Sir!

An interesting site and at a very quick glance one with some opinions with which I would not instantly agree. But I need to study it more carefully.

I still think that valley had been ear-marked earlier than the day before the battle!

David & jk. Most battles are fluid and need quick thinking by the commander's engaged. Wellington did win the battle and the war. We British should honour this victory as the anniversary approaches.

I think Richard Sharpe saved Wellington's bacon!

This book quotes sources that say Wellington was in Belgium in August 1814, in particular Mons, exchanging messages with Castlereagh: -

And Huw Davies explicitly says Britain still viewed France as a threat to Low Countries in spite of Napoleon's absence from the scene on Elba, and that Wellington was sent there to review the defences: -


Thanks, Lawrence, 'duh!' - I have Gregor Dallas's book: "The Roads to Waterloo: 1815" and now I have found the references. I'll return tomorrow with the details.

"I still think that valley had been ear-marked earlier than the day before the battle!"

I'm sure that's true David. Early in my investigation (US Army site I'm near certain unfortunately, I didn't bookmark it as the mention was very brief and wasn't "directly" to do with your question)

At any rate - mention was made of some meeting three days prior Wellington had with some Prussian guy regarding "the disposition of forces." Not the feller name began with the 'B' ... some guy I'm pretty sure ... could've been the place though .. 'N.'

Incidentally, the Duke used the tactic previously in India - of that I am certain. Just can't cite.

Two hours research @ $75.00/hour - Checks ... Cheques ... acceptable.


That's where the meeting three days prior took place (h/t SoD) ... but definitely not with the main Prussian guy.

Oh you boys and your little war games.
Pass the Sav. Blanc!

Visited the site of Waterloo several years ago. From all the stuff around there you would think the French had won.

Disappointing really. The guide was making excuses for Boney and stopped talking to me when I remarked Boney should have been ashamed of himself showing such bad taste as to fight a battle on a Sunday. He was bound to get his arse whipped.

Andra try a nice Pinot Grigio. Got one [or two] cooling for a family dinner tonight.

Andra, the 'all clear' has been sounded by a new post today so all you girlies can come out and play with us boys again!

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