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Monday, 27 April 2015


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Pleasant tho' it is to blame Mr Tony Blair, I think blame probably lies elsewhere. I spent 7 years in Whitehall and it was part of the job as an intelligence officer to mingle with high ranking civil servants of MoD, the Foreign Office, Home Office and Cabinet Office. To a man (and woman) they were confident they knew everything. Even when they didn't.

No, not this time, BOE, Blair is one hundred percent to blame. He it was he who signed this one-way agreement which allows the Feds to hoist British citizens 'over there' to face the travesty of their (in)justice system without us at least enjoying a similar thrill from doing the same to them. Let me repeat, I do not blame the 'cousins', I blame the self-enriching little shit that Blair obviously is.

You could not really call it an agreement but a concession to the USA. An agreement is normally mutially beneficial.

well, Jimmy, we will need to read the history books to find out but I can't remember any reason for Blair to concede to the USA. They were more than desperate to maintain our support for their Iraq policy, er, if 'policy' is quite the word!

David I do not think Blair was a puppet regarding the Iraq War 11 but suspect he was leading and promoting. As you say history will maybe! announce the truth.
We should have finished the job 1991/2 but will have to wait out for the real reason for not doing so.
Maybe the Arms Bazzar has something to do with the continuity of having war!

For justice try the 'John Doe ' raids in Wisconsin.

I covered that a week ago, Malpas, you were obviously not paying attention so you will hand in a hundred lines by tomorrow morning!

There is not so much a spirit of "justice" over here as there is a rage to "get even" with certain ideas, groups and even individuals no matter where they are. A single person can be representative of an entire class of people if need be.

I must say, Whitewall, that I am frequently shocked at the sheer malevolence that seems to be part of American political discourse these days. Where will it end?

David, we are too. You know about warfare of course, but now there is a term being used in some quarters--lawfare. Perfect examples are what you brought forth in your treatment of Wisconsin and Texas last week. The problem gets worse when the " Caesarism" of Obama is challenged openly and the people that dare to do it don't back down to the racism charge or what ever is hurled at them.

Then there is the ever present and growing divide between left and right on the view of what politics is about. For the right, they hope for a world without threat. For the left, they hope for a world without opposition. Can't be reconciled. Therefore we are going to fight.

Whitewall's so very correct actually. Whether the antagonists [such as they're comprised] realize it or not.

The Emancipation Proclamation from *Father Abraham.*

"...all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free..."

Baltimore David you're seeing in our very recent news?

Your 1915, our 1865? Our 1868 required Fourteenth Amendment? Three years after *Father Abraham "freed the slaves" in the American South*?

Heed David: a test is to follow.

There is another recognition over here. One your fellow Blair recognized while the rest of ya'll might not've.

Nowadays under our system:

The Process is the Punishment.

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