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Monday, 06 April 2015


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Well, as with the Atlanta fraud case, this one only differs because it is in a higher level of education--the world of rigorous propaganda in place of inquiry. There is a phony narrative sloshing around among the elite, a war on women, and a "rape culture" is a big part of it. No matter that the facts and stats don't support this phony meme. "Journalists" are out in force looking for stories to match a nonexistent event. Meantime, while the liars lie and spin their stories, the innocent are condemned until the truth comes out. By then, enough of the gullible public has bought the headlines without reading any further to find the facts. Thus, the Left advances and the fraudsters are now victims, no "journalists" are fired and the truth has its day in court later on where the parents of the true victims suit the university and the magazine in question. This is what happens when the Gramscian "long march" begins to bear fruit.

Quite so, Whitewall, but in this case perhaps the lads concerned will sue so it will cost RS a fortune.

It has happened, occasionally, in the past, that a publication had to pay out such sums in a libel judgement that they actually went belly up. We might hope for such a fate to befall Rolling Stone. (pour encourager les autres)However, just you hide and watch, if the judgements get too heavy, there'll be a mass movement to reform libel laws.

I think Michael, we already have seen that "mass movement to reform" and very recently although in "a rose by any other name" sort of way. Though I'd preferred "rotten veg" in the sense/experience I mean to say.

Indiana and Arkansas' ongoing recent experiences I'd suggest portend to that reform you suggest.

This is not the first time Erdely has been caught lying. Years ago she wrote a story about an altar boy being raped multiple times by catholic priests, none of it believable. You can see it here.

And before that she wrote about multiple suicides of gay teens in a town of evangelicals, again none of it believable. Here it is.

In every case, she writes a story that furthers the liberal narrative ... And gets away with it.

I think you'll like this. It's a tweet I just came across.

"We still know more about a rape that never happened at UVA than Obama's college years."

Love that tweet, Dom, thanks!

Dom. It seems it is just like those star birth sign nonsense. Just make it up as you go along. How many lives have been ruined because of this Rolling Stone!

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