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Wednesday, 29 April 2015


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Interesting post. Watauga County is in the mountains about 2 hours west of me. It's chief asset is a nice university that is part of the NC system. Outside of the school there are barely any minorities of any kind. But as the article points out, there is poverty, rural white poverty that is as old as the first settlers. These hill folk can trace their origins to the 1700s when settlers from all over Great Britain and a few later on from Germany found their way up the eastern face of the mountains. These people are not easily led, manipulated or God help you if you try, controlled.

Furthermore, I have mentioned the rotting away of the Blue Governing Model. That is the name for the all Democrat power structures in big cities that Mr. Nolte describes. The set up is usually the same. White Democrats, as I have said, have always found a way to keep control of blacks and they will until blacks figure it out. To control blacks, be it 1815, 1915 or 2015, one only needs to ingratiate oneself with black leaders. Give them status, titles, money and praise and get on camera with them frequently. Let the black masses see this and they will follow if promised benefits from a far away all powerful State. This format should sound a bit familiar.

Gloomy but true, Whitewall. But what will happen when they glimpse the truth?

The ones that have seen the truth are labeled "Uncle Toms". These people are a mortal threat to the White Democrat power structure and, most importantly, to the Black Democrat overseer model. Eventually what happens is Blue on Blue civil war. Soon I hope.

Whitewall. Thanks for your opinion and updates. Must be difficult over the water with your time zones.

Jimmy, you're welcome. The politics of race is very deep in my part of the country. There are things that can't be said, even though true. There are obvious conclusions to be made though none dare reach them. There are things that are even true though they can't be allowed to be true.

Strange how things have changed since the fifties. Old Labour who formed the NHS believed in hard work and personal responsibility. I have been listening to the political debates here in the UK and all you hear is hard done to stories from people who do not have a clue what real poverty is. It seems the government is supposed to change the nappie from cradle to grave.

So why, Jimmy, are you intending to vote Labour?

Because I believe in fairness and Britishness and there are some Tories given the opportunity would have our people in the 30s Slave Camps. I am very familiar with the contempt people were treated with before I was born. I have never seen the Tories as being more loyal to Britain as they often portraited themselves.
Whitewall looks like three of the cops were not whities.

Jimmy, that happens in a city with a large minority population like Baltimore. In such cases the narrative is "police brutality" which harkens back to the '60s. If they had all been white, then the narrative is "racist cops". A predominantly black city, black mayor, black prosecuting attorney is supposed to bring justice for all the problems of the black community. On the other side is the police union. This union backs Democrats in the city of do--shamefully--the teacher's unions. Thus Baltimore has rotten city schools with the second highest per student expenditure in the nation with awful results. Minority whites have to be blamed. Rinse repeat.

Thanks Whitewall I suspected that would be your answer and from what I have been reading recently you are on the ball. However the police will have to do their duty and no doubt if they stood back for a second and let crime happen then they would be in court.
A no win situation. No doubt it is so bad that criminals stir the shit with decent people against the police to take the pressure of them.
I served in Gibralter years ago and you just did not break the law. If you got caught then you got done and it was accepted.

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