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Tuesday, 14 April 2015


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What, no demand to all dress alike and call each other "comrade"?

Whitewall. Universal telephone tapping. Children reporting their parents. David. I did snigger a bit!!!!! Oops laughed.

a ban on the production and sale of fois gras

Yet another politician who has yet to understand the UK no longer has the say over stuff like this.

Jimmy, sounds so, so, well, East German.

Reminds me of that film The Lives of Others. Very scary.

"pursue a policy of defensive defence, which threatens no one"? Say whaaaaaaaattt? Firstly, at this rate, that's pretty much what we'll have anyway - never mind the new technology. It could be called, "Do away with the army, raise a load of temporary soldiers that we don't have to pay and call it the 'Territorial Army'". I remember when my father was in the T.A. and took a huge amount of pride in it. He put in rather more than...what is it now, 16 days a year? He is now deaf from the number of hours he spent on the rifle range.

Secondly, I'm not sure that many countries quake in fear of England. In fear of England plus others, maybe. Anyone remember when we last had a policy which would threaten anyone....?

Do they know that rabbits breed, well, like rabbits? That hens (if we're keeping them for their eggs) must be kept separately from roosters to prevent egg fertilisation? That roosters often fight? This is like the Vegan lot, insisting that we don't kill any more animals, without going on to say exactly what's going to happen to said animals if we don't. I think they imagine that farmers will make money out of having great herds of cows, running wild.

"Anonymised C.V.s" - that sounds good. Will never happen.

"35 hour weeks" - no, what they means is, "Will only PAY for 35 hours".

"Close coal fired power stations" - in favour of nuclear ones?

Thank goodness I was never in favour of this party. However, David, I NEVER eat fois gras..

Until recently, I thought "fois gras" was a uniquely French STD. The type that made the victim slink off to a distant county for discreet treatment.

Hmmmn, your Green credentials appear to be lacking, Miss Mayfly, however, I'm with you on avoiding fois gras.

Whitewall my mrs is attending Frog classes at Strathclyde Uni and when I asked her what was fois gras I got a look of contempt for my ignorance. I reminded her that we put a hilti gun to the head of a coo to ensure she gets a steak on a plate. Did not go down well. But that is what to expect from woman.

Ah, jimmy, "trolls will be trolling", lol!

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