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Thursday, 16 April 2015


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I like to think I would have joined in the process of grappling the dear girl to the floor and helped myself to an extremely ungentlemanly handful of prime breast (just like in the video).

Altogether a thoroughly enjoyable interlude.

Hmmmn, maybe that's what Draghi had in mind and why he kept his cool!

The degree of "gentlemanly" is directly proportional to how much you grab. I learned that the hard way long ago. Also, there seems to be a sliding scale of "ok" between accidental and deliberate.

I thought, 'Whiters', that the magistrate had defined 'legal grabability' the first time you came up before him!

He did, but then he asked me to show my hands....I have large hands.

Being a polite Glaswegian I would have taken her home for tea and scones or something.

Jimmy you suave devil you!

My hands are quite small, but I have been told that I seem to have three!

I guess you've seen this.

I was always told the English soldier can fight and think at the same time. Tough to beat.

crappy security though

Whitewall. British soldier! There is not anything better than a drunk Scotsman fixing the bayonet and advancing.

Sorry Jimmy. British.

Love the look on the face of the sheila in the blue bag of fruit. Goodness I don't think this is on the approved agenda.

Ortega, thanks for that link because I did miss the story. I saw the diorama some years ago and it is quite amazing. I will post on the subject in case any of my readers are interested. Thanks again.

Being a polite Glaswegian I would have taken her home for tea and scones or something

Jimmy what does a Glaswegian define as "something"?


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