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Monday, 13 April 2015


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David she is a golden oldie. Bedknobs and Broomsticks is a fond memory.

I love Angela Lansbury in everything she's done, even Murder She Wrote, which I agree is about the worse detective series ever put together. It was far too formulaic. There is always that "oh my gosh" moment at the end when Fletcher remembers something, 90% of the time, like this:

Some man: I was surprised to hear about the shooting
Fletcher: Oh my gosh, no one said anything about a shooting! You're the murderer!

And then you are left with the feeling that the previous 1 hour was just a waste of time. Ugh! yet I watched it every week!

Yes, Dom, and I suppose that compared to some other offerings it avoids the blood and guts considered to be essential in every TV crime series.

Can't go past Poirot though, can you?

I remember her from the excellent, although now rather dated, "Company of Wolves". It's a world away from her favourite television show.....

I don't often watch the fluffiness that is "MSW" since "Columbo" is a far superior production and if I want guts and gore, I turn to "NCIS : Glasgow". And I'm not sure that our own home grown "Midsommer murders : Don't live in the country or you're bound to be murdered" isn't rather better? It is odd, though, how often TV actors suddenly show their true roots on the stage. I never rated John Nettles as much of an actor, until I saw him in a "Midwinter's Tale" in London. Huge stage, and he absolutely dominated it.

"NCIS : Glasgow"! Good grief, cany ou understand a single word or do they offer subtitles?

Och Aye ra noo.

American and Scottish - not a hope! It took a long time to understand "Muuuuurrrrrrrrdurrrrrrrrrrrr".

supporting actress? she stole that show, put it in her pocket and took it home with her!

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