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Saturday, 18 April 2015


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One law for us no law for them same as the tax law on expences, no tax for them but benefit in kind for me and it's all my hard earned money.Bollocks to them vote UKIP.

Uhmm David?

Excuse my "perhaps missing something" ... (oh dear I'm probably gonna be the poster-boy for separated by our common language) or somesuch.


It seems to me "over here" - there's a word missing in yall's jurisprudence for a while. Apologies for rambling but I have to ask, did y'all excise from your previously esteemed OED the word


But. To make up for my earlier slight sleight sending your pictures of Hillary ... that picture you're constantly posting of Ms. Alison Saunders.

Focus your mind David - comfort yourself in the knowledge you'll never have Alzheimer's - knowing ... with just a short closing of your eyes David conjuring in your mind's eye the picture you're always posting as if rendered by one of those artists - a favorite in your case.

Okay David. Concentrate. Get firmly in your mind Ms. Alison Saunders.

Got her David? Firmly? Really solidly?

Okay then

JK, that constitutes both a thought crime and cruel and unusual punishment!

Peter, by all means vote UKIP if you're in a constituency where the Tory stands no chance but, please, think hard before you let in one of the 'loony-toons'!

It seems the political class everywhere bathes in the same dirty water.

JK, we can't have our host allowing that image of Ms. Saunders to take root in his mind. He just might leave home without his trousers on the way to church.

There are many who have escaped justice and unless we can find the perfect solution! then we have to live with it. I do have some sympathy for David on this matter as some nasty baskets have walked in Scotland due to clever lawyers who use the medical profession for opinions. I wonder if Mr Janner knows if his expenses were in his bank account. Aye.

Yeah but no but.........

Shurely the "Alzheimers defence" was bust open by the miraculous recovery of one Saunders E*

I think we should be told.

*Saunders was charged and convicted on 27 August 1990 of counts of conspiracy to contravene section 13(1)(a)(i) of the Prevention of Fraud (Investments) Act 1958, false accounting and theft, in relation to dishonest conduct in the Guinness share support operation. His diagnosis of A contributed to a reduction of sentence from 5 to 2.5 years. Because of his apparent illness, Saunders was released from Ford Open Prison on 28 June 1991 having served only ten months of his sentence. After his release, he recovered from the symptoms which had led to the diagnosis.

kind regards

We had a similar case to the Saunders one in Oz some time ago.
There was a character called Allan Bond (who I rather think was a Pommy to start with) who rose from being a lowly used-car salesmen (or somesuch) to becoming a billionaire and "winning" the America's Cup.
Alas, things went awry and Mr Bond was facing some rather nasty court proceedings when he became demented and didn't know where he was or who he was.
After all the court proceedings were dismissed he found a miracle cure, became "sane" again and went back to making millions.
Ah, the wonders of modern science.

David Morris & Andra. All down to lawyers with help from the expert medical profession.

Carly Fiorina Full Speech: New Hampshire Republican Leadership Summit 2015

ps. Link Exchange with CC?

Thanks, David and Andra, for the reminders of 'les temps perdue'!

Steve, alas, Ms. Fiorina may have to wait. We're in the middle of an election 'over here' and I need another speech from a pol like hole in the head! Not sure what "Link Exchange with CC" means.

Even though Janner will not be tried in a criminal court, surely there is nothing to stop civil action by his victims seeking compensation from his estate?

P. They would have provide evidence. Janner could not as he is not getting his expenses being disabled by a horrendous illness although I wonder if his family will inherit his pension funded by the British taxpayer!

At least one person has waived anonymity regarding this and as a civil case requires less of a burden of proof, working on the basis of the balance of probability, I can see no reason why civil suits can't be made. Mind you, the only winners in this would be the lawyers.

According to BBC Radio 2 today Janner sent a signed letter to the Lords just over a month ago saying he wnted to remain Peer.

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