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Saturday, 11 April 2015


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And here I was thinking ter somewhat else there was a "new view" of waterloo --- does that "Lady" with the ostensibly respectable hat (knees down to just above her ankles and together ... her skirt "respectably" to the tops of her knees and where the knees 'meatys' part it's Liverpool despite the hat?

That's the thing about the UK - youse gus pretend ye ain't Chicago with a foreign accent. And praise you didn't finish your arson of Washington. Celebrate "Gee Fouke" how could the fuze not went?"

I'm of the general opinion David - you're French.

That, Sir, is an insult and I demand satisfaction - ooops, just remembered you're in hillbilly land and my phraseology might be misconstrued!

Check David, the barefooted "ladies" Sir?

Notice anything about them - perhaps managing to stand straight looking to knock the dogsnot outta anybody'd suggest otherwise?

And then the ladies with the corkscrew hats looking both a'tumbled and their hats looked for all the world totally corked, screwed and wondering how they'd wound up predictimented?

(Those lattermost looks to've shouted "Show your Willy" then, as seemed befitting looked - briefly.)

I notice the bare-footed gals - I'm assuming they're either Arkie, Carolinas or Texans - at any rate those so-sure-footed seem firmly planted. None I notice wearing them whirlygigs on they heads neither.

I'm betting that's the next generation of the UK's SF.

(Git into that crowd David and upon exit, correct me if I'm wrong. Your Hillbilly and Yiddish I'm figuring is current?

If not - your "satisfication" (as I understand your NHS) will enter you into the sublime-ination.

SoD'll come along every week or so and sup you with a spoon.

Just who or what is going to be a racin' is my first question. My second is why do young women subject themselves to such uncomfortable footwear?

Thank you,JK, you are now appointed D&N's fashion correspondent!

Whitewall, I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked! It's Grand National day today, for goodness sake. You only have about three hours to get your money on the winner, er, or the loser as it is likely to be given that a third of the horses fall over and another third throw their riders off.

Well! Who knew? Mom said we weren't directly descended from Scots, just cross pollinated later over here. That's my excuse. I can't wait to see the finish line photos.

By the way, if you sent a parcel to Arkansas for JK, it may have been shot down in western North Carolina. Those hill folk don't know a drone from a bird.

Makes you proud to be British with all those beauties!! on display. I had the pleasure to be on the Farnborough train via Epsom last year and it was packed with similar dazzling beauties all tanking it up with Champers. They even shared it with me and who was I to refuse. OK some of the women! were men but it was fun.

David. It was Royal Ascot not Epsom. My mrs was impressed with the posh Kerry Oots. None of your Buckie or Slabs of Lager.

Oh, Jimmy, I used to live in Ascot and at the end of each day during the Royal Meeting our 'posh' southern lassies showed the way in binge drinking!

It's pretty disgusting but Melbourne Cup day is worse.
Before and after photos tell all.

The "lady" in the fourth photo sure has a big mouth and other accoutrements.

Andra is right. Melbourne Cup Day is 'Bogan Central' down here.

The only pertinent comment upon this very mixed bag of slatterns, slags and gormless allegedly female clowns would simply be to ask "Why do I never have speedy access to a shotgun when it was really needed?"

Andra is right. Melbourne Cup Day is 'Bogan Central' down here.

The New Australian, is your man for that. Choice quote:

"Newcomers to the country who haven’t experienced this before need to prepare themselves for the occasion. Put simply; this is the day when folk who never normally wear suits go to the pub in their flammable Court of Appeal Appearance best to watch a televised horse race alongside girls who got dressed that morning with the mugshots of Divine Brown circa Hugh Grant era in mind."

Mike, I worry about your blood pressure, calm down, dear!

Tim, you win the "Phrase of the Year" award:

"folk who never normally wear suits go to the pub in their flammable Court of Appeal Appearance best".

Oh God, I nearly fell of my chair at that one!

Indeed, that line is one of TNA's best, which is why I remembered it. Check out his entire blog, it's got some corners in it.

Thanks, Tim, TNA is now well and truly bookmarked!

Tim, indeed. Thanks for the New Australian.
It's been added to my little list of morning reads.

After D&N, I assume, Andra!

Aussie D. Grossen Tits sounds better than accoutrements!

Gosh, Jimmy, you really do have a way with words, don't you? I bet you cut a swathe through the birds 'back in the day', you smoothie, you!

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