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Sunday, 05 April 2015


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It's not so bad.

The deal paves the way for a long and protracted conventional war between the Sunni and Shia factions of Islam, without the threat of one side gaining a nuclear trump card too soon and bringing the war to a negotiated close.

Everyone wants it: The Sunni and Shia factions have been gagging for it for years, the West and Israel (or those in the West and Israel with their heads screwed on) because it takes the terrorists' heat off us and refocuses their destructive energies on themselves. That conflict will suck the Islamist poison out of the West and save us a fortune in legal expenses (not to mention homeland acts of terrorism).

The easing of sanctions will provide a much needed boost to Iran and its Shia proxies fighting IS and the Saudis. Only slight problem is that the beneficiary of that will likely be Putin; he can flog off his aging T-90's and build a new fleet of Armata tanks - the first batch of which I'm looking forward to seeing on the MayDay parade this year. But we'll get an equal boost with arms sales to the Saudis, so no net downside.

Increase slowly to boiling point, simmer for 100 years, and taste a deliciously reformed Islam in roughly 3-4 generations time.

And we in the West can get on with our own unfinished family business: Putin's Russia.


I understand that the Supreme Ruler of Persia is insisting that his bombs are built following instructions taken from the Koran and written about AD 700. Mohammed was a dab hand at nucleonics. Whatever they are.

It's the way you tell 'em, Lawrence!

And BOE, it's no wonder you are a 'Kipper', your flights of fancy are remarkable!

Mr Blair sounds like that oldie waving the white hankie after Munich. Lawrence you have a great sense of humour thinking the fuzzies can moderate. Maybe they will pull down the Al Axa Mosque and reveal the Temple Mount as a gesture of good will. The Koran nutters are on an orgy of violence and must be met head on. The arse Bishop of Canterbury thinks they can be beaten by love, prayer and tolerance. Only Cpl Jones and the cold steel will do it.

"Lawrence you have a great sense of humour thinking the fuzzies can moderate."

You might have said that about the Catholics and the Proddies in 1600, but after reducing the population by about a third to two thirds in affected areas, everyone and anyone can become a moderate.


Lawrence the Scottish population for 1600 was estimated at around 800,000. Over a billion muslims are estimated to occupy our planet. So say 3/4 pretend they are moderate that leaves a lot of nutters.

What was being poured over the technical details by the POTUS? Cold water?

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