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Sunday, 12 April 2015


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When/if Catholicism splits into two it will just go back to having two popes calling each other names.

Our real bulwark against Islam is the fact that it won't be 1.9 billion muslims against the rest, but 75% Sunni moslims against the other 25%.

Which is why, when Iran gets the bomb, while their first target might be Tel Aviv, their second will be Jedda. Conversly, if the Saudis buy a bomb, the Ayatollahs better head for the shelters.

Kevin B...and may they all glow in the dark.

The Persians won't attack Tel Aviv, or London, Paris or New York. Because they know they'll get half a dozen back. In all probability, the Saudis have Pakistani nuclear warheads on their Chinese ballistic missiles. So the Persians won't attack them either. How about a nice little Gulf State?

BoE, the ayatollahs are twelvers who believe that the twelfth imam will arrive to save us all when there's chaos and civil war in the world.

Some of them are quite happy to speed things along by starting the war.

Kevin B. If the Iranians had the sense to hand back the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company to the British then we could all be friends.

Old Winston said we should have jaw jaw before war war. But he was probably on the brandy.

David I would extend an alliance to the Orthodox who hold the Keys in Jerusalem.

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