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Sunday, 05 April 2015


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You see David the British Army arrived at the right place and on time with full ordnance supplies. Bluther turned up on time and the battle was won. Monty would have been proud!

But, alas, Jimmy, we were late in arriving at Quatre Bras and when we did arrive we had insufficient forces and were thus unable to help the poor old Prussians being pounded to bits just down the road at Ligny. As the dear old Duke of Boot admitted, he had been "humbugged!" Thank God that 'Old Forwards'(*) kept his word two days later!

(*) Blucher was monumentally stupid and gained the nickname 'Old Forwards' because it was generally reckoned that that was the only command he understood! However, he was a gentleman of the old school who genuinely believed that his word was his bond so he stuck side by side with Wellington.

David. Well done to old Blucher and his loyalty. He did the right thing.

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