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Tuesday, 21 April 2015


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It should be borne in mind, that just as the UK is less united these days - the Scots are not of one mind. In the GE 2010 as many voted Tory as voted SNP. And of course, Nicola, Queen of the Scots, lost the recent referendum. There are also geographical divides. I only lived in Scotland for a year but the differences between those living on the Moray Firth and those living in the central belt were very marked. And don't even mention the opinions of the people of Glasgow and Edinburgh about each other.

You forgot to add that it is by no means certain that an independent Scotland will be granted EU membership. Spain, who has her own separatist issues is almost certain to use her veto. It would be a win-win situation for her as cocking a snook at a foreign power over a perceived wrong (Gibraltar)would distract her prols from their own domestic problems which are huge. Consequently it would be great for domestic approval ratings and all the willy waving would boost their international standing no end as well. Before you say anything, I should add that the Spanish are unlikely to differentiate between English gringos and Scottish gringos.

Since the Cold War "ended", western nations may not be able to tolerate peace and liberty.

Good post, David, I think you have nailed it pretty well. Large numbers of Scots are so looking forward to being shot of the hated English (and hate they do - Salmond has sown the wind on this one and it may be difficult to control, whatever happens) that they pay no attention at all to what may come after: this one obsession overrules all.

And Richard, you need not hope that the EU won't admit them. The treaties mean whatever the "colleagues" want them to mean. As soon as the colleagues have stopped sniggering at our discomfiture, and made themselves comfortable in the UK's former seat on the Security Council, Scotland will be admitted to the EU with no difficulty at all, at the moment of separation from the UK, and everything will then proceed as David suspects.

Personally, I can remember Dennis Healey's socialist paradise, and Harold Wilson's, and I am not at all looking forward to living in the SSSR. But that seems to be our fate.

The Baltic states analogy will suit the SNP fine; all they want is to be big fish in their own small pond. The majority of Scots don't hate the English any more than all the English hate the French. The SNP's Braveheart rhetoric appeals to those who can't see past it to the EU-dominated socialist utopia they offer.

I am not hoping for anything Andrew. I'm very much afraid though that the Spanish will be difficult if push actually comes to shove. Whatever DOES actually happen, the NATS, currently in La La land will eventually be in for a rude awakening when they return to Planet Earth with a bump. That much is certain.

You English will do as you have always done. You will facilitate those in Scotland as you did with the Irish that hated you. The Scots that cross over will all say we voted no. Economic reality changes people. I wonder if Scotland will want a share of Falklands oil revenue! Just a joke.

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