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Sunday, 12 April 2015


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Nice photo. Leadership. I guess if Obama returned the Churchill bust, showed himself as an enemy of Israel, willingly became Putin's Poodle, the Mullah's Mutt, The Brotherhood's Bitch and as of yesterday, Castro's Cur...things have changed. Like a meal of spoiled pork, this too shall pass.

Things will be different after Obama simply because he is gone and because the threat of Soviet Communism is gone. Other threats have arisen and cooperation will come as needed. In the interim, maybe it is good that no WW2 type scenarios are on the horizon.

Many ingredients are needed to make a "special relationship" of which is understanding and flexibility. An "Anglosphere" exists for a reason, and it will be needed even if no shooting wars are on.


Congressional Research Service is something the make the Congress different from European Parliaments.

A member of the House of Commons gets his/her information from their education, what the party and government tells them, and the press.

Any member of Congress can request information from the service. "Whats this Duff and Nonsense thing?" Some one will spend some time sorting through your blog, and write a report that it is the best(?) blog around. Usually the reports are public record.

Sure, some dumb question have been asked and higher ranking members probably get a quicker response, the Members have access to non-partisan information on any subject in which they have an interest. If the act as foolishly as and MP it is their own damn fault for not using the tools available.

On this subject they have the benefit of a good analyis that did not come from the Obama Administration.

Verily, 'Whiters', thou art an 'artisan of alliteration'! Also, you are right to indicate a difference between political 'special relationships' and those that grow through privately held affections.

Thanks, Hank, that sounds like rather a sensible organisation and one which our mostly useless and ignorant MPs might find useful - if, that is , they could actually find it on a bright sunny day.

The House of Commons provides the same sort of service for MPs. Lets give ourselves some credit - especially as we were prob doing it before 1796!

So is that why we lost then?!

Whats all this "we" then? I doubt redcoat cpls had any more influence then, than they do now!

Well that's true enough!

Thought it was '76'the Rebellion in North America (still not put down, btw) began.

Whitewall. There will be other shooting walls. I do think that the USA needs to consider being part of the British Union when the Scots, Welsh and Irish leave. The hard working Yanks could replace the dependancy culture in Britain.

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