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Sunday, 05 April 2015


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I am sure the midget will get the vote from the welfare junkies who they are helping to sign up. Unfortunately British governments in the past have encouraged the junkies.
It is time for the English to say cheerio and put up the border posts. Scotland will be used by immigrants as a staging post into England. Have no doubt about that.

One of the things that had me really confused about the recent Scottish referendum is why Cameron EVER consented to the extension of the ballot to sixteen year-olds, and WHY he agreed to the 800,000 or so Scottish citizens living and working in England being denied the vote.

It seems to me that teenagers are generally not very grounded or experienced. They see things in black and white instead of shades of grey and they are also tend to be far more romanticised than the rest of us. At the time, one could easily deduce that a Scottish teenager would be proportionally far more likely to vote for independence than an adult.

In the same way, one could expect Scottish citizens living and working in England to be more experienced, more hard-headed, more likely to ask awkward questions and YES - more pro English. It also seemed to me at the time that this particular group would be proportionally far less likely to vote for independence. It therefore seemed to me that the vote had been heavily skewed in favour of the NATS. The big question was WHY Cameron had ever allowed this to happen.

The conclusion that I have come to is that Cameron's true position is that he actually WANTED Scotland to become independent (and still wants it now.) Unfortunately for him, he was could not say this in public as it would have alienated his core voters even more than his stance on gay marriage. Consider the advantages to him though. The Barnett formula could be scrapped for good and without the support of the 59 (mostly left wing) Scottish MPs in Westminster it would be unlikely that Labour could ever form a majority government in England again.

I believe that this was Cameron's position then and I believe it to be his position now. It is also my belief that he is a truly slippery - and dangerous - customer.

Richard, I don't think Dave is bright enough to work out such a devious plot although it's true that without Scotland the Tories have an in-built majority. If the 'Scots Nuts' prove to be endless trouble makers in parliament, I wonder how long English patience will last?

Will we need watch towers and barbed wire fences, Jimmy?

David. If theNats get a majority at the next Scottish election they will call another referendum. They will have to do this to justify their existence which is only for separation. The economy or indeed poverty is not something they care about. After all if they screw up and Scots leave in their thousands (who will be dubbed as traitors) they will blame their favourite boggie man, the English. Cameron, Milliband, Clegg and Brown offering carrots before the last referendum was obnoxious.

David, I think that you have to turn 180 degrees and look at the problem from the other side of the mirror. Can you honestly believe that David Cameron would have been stupid enough to allow Salmond to rig the vote to the extent he did IF he really wanted Scotland to remain in the union?

I am also bound to say that 'devious' and also 'opportunistic' are both adjectives that are strongly linked with Cameron. In this day and age, you simply do not rise to high political office unless you possess both qualities in ample measure. Just take a look at Red Ed 'Cain' (or is it 'Judas') Miliband if any further illustration is required!

Cameron, like most politicians, is motivated by short-term political gain only and bugger the long term consequences. If you add his proven and complete lack of judgment into the mix, the situation starts to become very, very scary indeed.

"Asking the Greeks" might not be such a bad strategy.

I've an item in my inbox (not the address I use here - and without details just ... well it's one of those paywalled intel services) at any rate it may make y'alls news tomorrow ... again.

"Tsipras will also engage in bilateral talks with Russia on April 8-9 to convince the Greek people that the new government is strong. Bringing up Nazi reparations is a rhetorical way for Tsipras to imply that Germany is a debtor itself and has no right to press the Greeks."

"Merkel's view has raised dissent internally, and the Greek claims have found support within the Bundestag, with members of the Greens and the Social Democratic Party publicly favoring payment. Recently, too, members of Merkel's Christian Democratic Union party have also voiced some support, including the chairman of the Bundestag Committee on Foreign Affairs, Roderich Kiesewetter."

Well I for one will be sorry to see the UK break up and Scotland to become a foreign country.

They may be annoying whinging bastards but I have a sneaking affection for them and their beautiful country.

However as Jimmy says the spectacle of Westminster's "finest" (ahem) collectively throwing the kitchen sink at them to persuade them to stay was quite sickening.

I think it is clear now the direction of travel, the next referendum will probably be for "independence" (provided somebody else is to pay for it) although whether it will be Iceland or Greece is not clear (well, actually it is, but at least in Greece the weather is fantastic).

Provided we can keep the Union flag (regardless of where it came from it is the flag of the UK, and the most splendid in the world) then fuckem.

Jk. The Greeks have been getting reparations in one form or another since joining the EU.
They have to pay their debts like the rest of us. If they want to go all commie then fine. Let them live in their little Cuba. I doubt the Russkies can support them financially.

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