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Wednesday, 22 April 2015


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Golly, 64 heads of state. I would have kidney stones too. Come to think on it, 4 or 5 would do it to me. I would also have restless leg syndrome, carpel tunnel troubles from all that "grip and grin" routine.

Yes, I know, the poor man suffers for us all here in the, er, 'European Union'. Still, I expect his pension will see him comfortably through his old age with a constant supply of the very best in single malt whisky!

That man and the rest of the gravy train is a good reason to get out.

I could never understand why the UK joined the EU. It is the antithesis of everything generations of Brits struggled for - individual choice and freedom.

Why did we join? Because we were a nation in decline. The head of the Civil Service said that his job was managing our decline. The Americans kicked us in the crutch over Suez and it seemed the French had conned the Germans to keep them in the style they expected. So we joined. Then Margaret Thatcher appeared. She grabbed the Americans by the goolies and kicked the French in the crutch. We should have left then, but we didn't. We won't get out now unless the whole thing collapses.

Tut, tut, not quite proper Foreign Office language, BOE, but more or less spot on!

Selywn Lloyd did the deal on behalf of our government with the French and Israel to Invade Suez. Israel bubbled all to the Yanks and Britain and the Frogs retreated. After that the British Empire and the frog Colonies were doomed. Our friends the Yanks rejoiced being the new kid on the block and Anthony Eden resigned. A decent bloke. So MacMillan another decent bloke had to smile and carry on regardless. That Yank Dulles who hated the British must have had a multiple orgasm. Such is politics. So much for friends. That is why we must keep own nuclear detterent. Proud to be British.

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