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Friday, 17 April 2015


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Egads Duffers !!!

H i l l B i l l y !!!

Whiters come along he might arrive at a generalization.

"Calm down, dear"! And what are you on about?

You'll be glad to hear I think YMD might make it. I think that Sturgeon will provoke the English to zap the Scots!

Posted by: David Duff | Friday, 16 July 2010 at 09:01

" ... Sorry, 'JK', I have no wish to upset the upright citizens of Arkansas, a state I admire more than anyother despite never having been there! However, please note the capital 'B' in the middle of 'HillBilly'! ... "


That's what I'm on about!

Look at 'er David. Notice anything? Teeth maybe?

David. A Labour government with a majority taking into account a few on all sides will snuffit during the next Parliament is desireble. As long as we have defense is all that matters as well as a few of other things.

Good Grief, JK, it's first thing in the morning, I'm hungover and you send me pictures of 'HillBilly' in her youth. Have pity!

Be happy David, very happy indeed, I didn't send the pictures 'Uppers' noticing I'd sent you the above - sent me in email title of "Forty Years of Bill and Hillary in Photos."

(Good for me - breakfasttime in Arkansas is four hours in front of.)

You will though David, in future not be forgetting to capitalize that damned B I'm assured?

Aye, aye, Cap'n!

"Soppy Socialism" or Marxism 3.0 with a smiley face as I prefer. Evidently the world has become so over run with danger, so utterly unanchored from the previously dependable alliances and agreements that people everywhere want some one to promise a safe utopia where all will be good and the "good" provided by My Government---insert the appropriate government needed wherever you are---and best of all, the "good" will be paid for by someone else who are always behind the curtain in the room of the "Great Oz". All "My Government" needs is your trust, your loyalty and most of all...your money.

It is almost like the history of the 20th Century never took place.

Jk. The photo on the right seems like she is demonstrating the size of something. Had she met big bonking Bill at this time?

Don't rightly know Jimmy.

Here's what 'Uppers' sent me in the mail.

The scuttlebutt was at the time, that was the size of her dildo.

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