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Wednesday, 01 April 2015


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You either love or hate Kim Jock Eck there is no middle ground. This man does not care about the economy only petty Scottish Nationalism which he eats sleeps and shites.
Why the Englisn tolerate this man and his crew is beyond me. The English should be demanding a better share of public spending.

We English have a cunning plan! We know how socialism ends; so we give Salmond all the rope he needs. In fact, he'll probably bring his own rope!

Being serious, I do think the Scots Nats need to be handled with care. They are like the very worst sort of drunken Jock lout looking round a crowded pub for someone to fight with. If they gain a position of power in Parliament - and I'm not sure they will - we should quietly and politely hand them a groat of three and show them the door which we should firmly lock behind them!

Being serious? Where is your sense of humour? Imagine Salmond and Balls rolling round on the floor in the Treasury. Or Salmond as Chancellor falling out with Nicola the Queen of Scots.

B of E. The Scots in the latest poll want just like UKIP to control immigration but they do not like UKIP. Most Scots are really right wing just like UKIP but do not like UKIP. Most Scots like a bevvy just like Nigel does so maybe that is something to build on.

Ah, your 'impeccable source in Arkansas' - a great and good man.
Completely OT, but perhaps he may deign to explain why it's 'Arkansas' to rhyme with 'Ah-can-saw' but 'Kansas' to rhyme with 'Canvas?'
And another thing; why, oh why, is Kansas City in the State of Missouri?
(I learnt that listening to a quiz in a pub in Grimsby).

Did the quiz also mention KCK?,_Kansas

"Oswald Thake"
Next time you are in mentioned pub ask? How many know Kansas City is the 3rd largest city in Kansas?

Of course many will argue Kansas City is in Missouri (being half correct), not realizing they are adjacent cities.

Well David, I'm doing my best to make up for the shortfall, but it's a struggle especially now the clocks have gone forwards, the sun takes that much longer to reach the yard arm...

Alas, Gentlemen, the mystery of Kansas City is as imponderable as the square root of -1. And I fear that the explanation from my 'Arkie' source will be much the same!

See, I told you, 'Cuffers', that this bloody clock-changing racket was no good to anyone!

Tale of two cities!

Oswald Thake, it's even worse. There is a rive across the Great Plains called the Arkansas, rhymes with canvas. It's all about how Frenchmen and English-speaking Americans transliterate names from various Native American languages. Hilarity ensues.

Submitted for your consideration: Tulsa, Tuscaloosa, Tallahassee. They all mean "abandoned town"

One learns something new every day from the erudite rascals who post here - not to mention your good self, David!

Have a Good Friday Oswald. I had the lowest form of education in a Junior Secondary.

Oh, Oswald, you say that to all the girls!

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