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Monday, 20 April 2015


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Very enjoyable flash mob and a lot of happy Russians.

Here is a more calm one from Copenhagen Phil, performed in the subway :)

Thank you, Lars, both for the music and for the reminder from my youth of how many pretty girls there are in Denmark!

Shot just a stone's throw from the Moscow State University, and yes David... one of the best flash mobs EVER.

P.S. I look out of my window AND IT IS SNOWING - IN LATE APRIL!!!

Russia can be a crazy country.

David that almost beat the Young Frankenstein version but I am biased.

Ah, Young Frankenstein. One of my favourites.

"Ah, sweet mystery of life, at last I've found you."

Lovely music Lars and brought back a fine memory of my one and only day in Kobenhaven on my R&R. I wonder if the Kobenhaven Corner Restaurent still exists.

Andra. Marty Feldman, could be worse, it could be raining.

Jimmy, I can't handle Marty Feldman as a rule but one must make exceptions sometimes.
I'm a big fan of Spike Milligan though.
And don't forget his parents lived in Oz. They lived in Woy Woy for many years and then moved to Wagga Wagga.
Spike had a lot of fun with those place names.
And why wouldn't you?
The sun is shining brightly right now but there will be a few showers today.

Andra I read Puckoon about ×× years ago. The Sun has been shining in Scotland for the last few days so my mrs has me doing the washings and hanging them out. It is nice watching the washing drying with a large glass of Pinot in the hand while she is out working. I must sound like an Aussie.

Well, my "maiden" name was Macdonald so I think we're on the right wavelength.
Good to see a man doing something useful about the house.
Don't think Duff's much use .... and don't mention the bloody church lawn. He's full of it!!

Andra the MuckDonalds were worse than the Campbells. The sheep ran away from the MacDonalds. I am sure oor David has goodness in his heart by attending to the Church and history.
I have just received my ANZAC T Shirt and will wear it in commemoration.
My mrs is suttle she puts the washing on auto and leaves a note. "Hing oot the Washin".
Us idle men know our place.

"Don't think Duff's much use .... and don't mention the bloody church lawn. He's full of it!!"

Alas, not so anymore, Andra. The dreaded arthritis struck last year and jerking the cord to start the mower engine made me cry for my mummy! Likewise my early morning swim. I am so stiff in the morning - no, not there! - that the thought of getting dressed, undressed and then dressed again is more than I can contemplate. Life's a bitch - and then you get old! Mind you, if arthritis is the worst I ever get then I'm not complaining.

My branch of the MacDonalds stole cattle.

Sorry, Jimmy, but ´Copenhagen Corner´closed in 2008. Well, next time you are in København, then I recommend you to visit ´Gitte Kik´ and enjoy some old-fashioned Smørrebrød. Don´t forget the original Jacobsen Carlsberg bottle beer and the best Snaps you can get, the Norwegian ´Linjeakvavit´ ;)
NB! Women are today allowed in the restaurant, so even if you are married it could be a good choice!

Lars, you are bringing it all back to me - Smørrebrød, one of the great meals of the world; and schnapps, definitely the best tongue loosener' with which to start a dinner. And then there are the girls . . .

David & Lars. My favourite schnapps is Boomerlunder made in Flensburg. Hard to get it since my German sister in law divorced her man!

Jimmy, it might have gone 'BOOM' when it hit your stomach but the name is 'Bommerlunder' and that's the one I used to drink when I was in Germany. As the old song has it, "Ah yes, I remember it well", except that I can't remember any of it!

David, maybe you should stick to the short posts.
There's been more interest here than in anything you've done in years.
Just a thought!

I'm shocked, Ma'am, shocked! Do you mean to tell me that my carefully constructed and beautifully composed, 15-paragraph analyses of the finer points of political, social and economic shifts in, say, Tashkent, are of no interest to my erudite reader, ooops, sorry, I meant 'readers'?! I cannot believe it!

I've just played that 'Youtube' again. Quite simply there is no better way to start your morning!

Andra when you have tanned a bottle of Boooommerlunder it shortens things for men.

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