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Friday, 17 April 2015


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Ponsonby suffered the fate of lack of control and a defined definition of "objective achieved".

Marshall Soult is alleged to have remarked on the Heavies that they were "the noblest cavalry in Europe; and the worst led" Truth or fable the painting of the charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo is magnificent.

Happy to oblige. I still owe you for plenty of links.

It wasn't actually Polish lancers that skewered poor old Ponsonby, that was a myth. Rather it was regular French cheveux-leger lanciers. Hence the green uniforms of the lancers in the picture, rather than the blue with red uniforms of Polish lancers.

And don't fall for the Franco-German nonsense about the charge of the Union brigade being a waste. They destroyed d'Erlon's corps, which was Bonaparte's strongest corps at Waterloo outside of the Guard.

I'd trade a Brigade of British heavy cavalry for 4 divisions of grognards on the wargames table any day.


Nobody loves a smart arse, SoD! And I've told you before about correcting your distinguished father in public! Honestly, bloody kids these days . . .

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