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Thursday, 02 April 2015


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I expect that Obamo, Holder, Sharpton etc need a break. After all the have had months of stiring up racist stff.

Well, any day now we should see droves of lily white protestors show up and wave their signs claiming black lives matter. No? Only useful black lives matter it seems. These all black killings are overlooked because it is not permitted to look. Looking will lead to talking and that leads to questions and questions of some types are simply forbidden because some things just can't be allowed to be true.

Besides, the high and mighty lefties are loading their knickers over religious freedoms laws being passed in various states. This is the most immediate threat as it is automatically assumed some people with religious views might not treat same sex couples the way the PC police demand. Dead blacks have had their run for now and will have to take a breather so the secular anti religionists can get their licks in.

Bitter but true, 'Whiters'.

Whitewall. Does anyone in the States keep figures about non blacks allegedly killed by the police. And what about blacks killed by black police! And non blacks killed by black police!!
Any figures?

Jimmy, I'm not sure about those in depth details, but I would bet FBI data would get close. If JK gets a whiff of this thread, he can probably link some and "whip it out" for you.

Well WW, in this particular case "coming up with the numbers (officially)" has become kinda hard since 2013. That's the year the DoJ ceased breakdowns by ethnicity in the FBI stats [and *who I wonder directed the bureau to stop that?] for awhile I kept a bookmark for the CDC - after the FBI was directed to cease and desist - CDC was the sole dotgov place but then (again somewhat mysteriously, as it happened almost by magic the week after the following was published in the St. Louis paper:

CDC no longer supports the link. (But now you mention it WW, Jimmy, I think a week spent looking around for this stuff might be something to do.)

There is one place I'm aware of - not sure whether it's collated or not --- now this is from memory (sometimes when I'm thinking on a Duff piece particularly - memory bells ring)

I think the numbers for 2013 was [ballpark] ~156 blacks, 1100+ whites.

Here's the place I'm aware of - haven't spent appreciable time digging into the info/features mind;

Jimmy? Now don't go placing the figure I'm about to type as "certified."

I seem to recall the percentages of blacks shot and killed (again, 2013) by black police officers was in the neighborhood of 68%.


In the offchance you'd enjoy participating in the hunt for reliable statistics on what Jimmy asks, the CDC is far more transparent than the FBI. The search term that'll enable you to get down into the weeds however is not - "death by cop" for instance is liable to get your computer pinged, "by who" my firewall doesn't seem to be able to detect.

The better search term is the more innocuous sounding

legal intervention deaths

Quote from a 2009 study (16 states reporting)

"Of the 130 legal intervention decedents, 56.9% were non-Hispanic whites and 29.2% non-Hispanic blacks ..."

*Depending on whether you'd care to attempt extrapolating a reasonably "accurate guesstimate" national *statistic, there's a map on page 2 of that link.

Jk. The 2009 figures are appalling. A lot more killed than in several wars put together. I originally come from the East End of Glasgow where gang violence was rampant for around 50 yrs. However it was solely between the gangs and until drugs came into the scene in the early seventies the elderly and non gang members were exempt from violence.
If a gang member was killed or chived then most people said hell mend them including the gang members. There was no issue of race and people did not put the police station under siege when a gang nutter was killed or locked up. I have been convinced for many years that the so called ethnic minorities use race as a cover job for their activities.
The London riots would not have happened if a white bloke had been shot by the cops. Sorry for being exhaustive but Obama if he is serious about crime must tell his flock that being black and living in so called poverty is not an excuse for criminality.

"The 2009 figures are appalling. A lot more killed than in several wars put together."

Right you are Jimmy.

Again sadly I am unable to cite properly but I do recall the gist of a comparison taken off one of our dotgov sites.

I believe the data stated, "The number of legal intervention deaths of American citizens exceeded the number of terror related deaths (including those on 9/11) by just over 400% beginning from the year 2000." [2013]

Sent off an email to a cop friend and got this in response. Mr Elder, in my experience, is a very careful, exacting writer.

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