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Friday, 10 April 2015


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No, in Chicaqo they have the REAL crooks!

Too many in the West seem to want to copy these clowns. A new way of governing they call it.

Really now David. You should be able to remember what you yourself wrote (stealing the appropriate link) not that long ago.

.. It's actually pretty easy David, scroll down just below "recent comments" - on your very own blog - insert a couple keywords into Search, click the enter key. ..

(But then .. I figured there was some reason you ain't banned me.)

JK, like me, you ain't been banned yet because of your charm and impeccable breeding.

"Impeccable breeding" Whitewall?

See my latest comment on A New View of Waterloo.

Well JK, your research is at least "impeccable".

Maybe so Whitewall, my research anyway.

However there seems to be a 'less impeccable' postal service getting checks/cheques from Somerset to Arkansas.

(David? Any chance when you sent the most recent (and all those before) you've got some tracking number I can research?)

Look, JK, don't blame me for the US Postal Service!

Eh then.

What's the D&N for "Charlie Fox"?

Then again that would explain SoD - I guess - being of the rounds table. Like his Pop more or less.

Lord no wonder there's a Duff Arkansas.

Not sure (when am I ever with you, JK) what 'CF' means but please don't ask me to use PayPal. I don't like paying and I haven't any pals!


"Not sure [JK] what 'CF' means."

I wasn't either truthfully - apparently it's an Airborne term. Which, I expect, given the link I placed you couldn't figure either.

So. I went through my 'BlueJacket's Manual for the Phonetics - A, that's Alpha .. not applicable. B, Bravo .. ditto.

C. That seems applicable. But what the fuck could "Charlie" mean to a French English fellow?

D, that's Delta. Nope. E? Echo?

Nope. Couldn't possibly be Echo.

F. That's Foxtrot. What the fuck could Foxtrot mean to an Airborne guy?

Christ. Fuck if I know.

"Maybe. Just maybe if I enter the two initials into Duff's D&N Search I can figure this Airborne shit out."

Holy Shit them Airborne guys are geniuses - definitely easier to remember than SNAFU!

Karo Alpha Six, stop. Any idea what Charlie Foxtrot means?

Union Negative acknowledge the callsign to exit stop.

Alpha Foxtrot stop. (Affirmative)

Say your exit code stop.


Just so you Brit Airborne know it happens.


Thanks,JK. I've learnt something new again thanks to you. (Although I'm not sure what.)

Declassification runs 40 years Oswald, stick around.

Then, if it's both "again" and you've managed to learn in my context, the general geography was generally the same.

One of those "might've beens" I suppose - good or ill that I wouldn't know.

JK, what can I say except, er, goodnight and sleep well!

Can't for a spell David (though I won't be diving myself) got to be at a funeral a bit over five hours from now - why I'm enjoying myself so.


I would suggest everybody hangs around this site not brag to anyone I'm "their friend" it seems to shorten the time spent in this realm.

But. If I'm not to be called a friend - buy stocks/shares in the Glenfiddich distillery. It would appear I have a talent for making holders of that sech gloriously wealthy.

My one true fear as I go along is, pretty soon, (now forgive me this one ... oh Will probably wrote the fellow Lear[?] ... I will live my remainder alone.

I've enjoyed the heck out of myself fellows. Don't get me wrong about that.

I just sometimes wish that back in 2002 I'd managed to not be available to be hired to do what I do now.

I know - feeling sorry for myself - but I've truly been a fortunate fellow.

Maybe I'll paint myself black someday and go vacation in Ferguson. Not very soon though. Have a few more good years I think I can out-remember Corporal Duff.

(Just fellows? Wish for me that's not the high point you'd be wishin' me?)

not "diving" ... but not "driving" either .. for damn sure

Pretty good funeral except I missed my ride. Both ways. Which was kinda odd since my one way was "No Way!"

Then I explained to the officer "Just because it was that many decibles in two thousand and twelve doesn't necessarily mean it was me in two thousand and fourteen.

I told the officer, "NO Sir Not me."

"Then how'nthell that get, you realize was for all intents an' porpoises an exploding car done by a dead guy?"

Precisely nine seconds later another series of round noises lit off.

"JK .. You know anything abou

"At that 'vowell' sorta sound another lit off ...

I said - and I had it planned and JK managed to be entirely within his rights

"You Fat Fuck want My Social Security number? My nearest Neigborhood cheered.

Unfortunatley apparently - Hillbillies don't know which buttons to push on a fuckin' phone camera.

... which it would appear leaves me lookin' less that whatever promise any y'all left before the GNT time this posted."

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