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Monday, 13 April 2015


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That's very interesting. Last year I read Adam Zamoyski's book: Rites of Peace about the Congress of Vienna, following Waterloo. Those countries too faced incredibly complex and sensitive problems and did their best. I shall read this sometime.

David, I am enjoying your reports on this fine history. My own powers of concentration will no longer allow me to stay fixed on a book this long.

Yes, Mike, I have Zamoyski's book "Rites of Peace" and when I have finished Prof. MacMillan's effort, I will reread and compare and contrast. I also have Zamoyski's book on the folly of Bonaparte's attack on Moscow.

'Whiters', I have the same problem intensified by the complexities of Balkan and East European geography and history, thus I take, so to speak, polite bites at it from time to time.

Suddenly, they are human.

Quite, which is precisely what corporate team building events focus on: shared activities which make people see others in a different light.

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