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Monday, 06 April 2015


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It would never have come to this in the UK. In fact, it would never have come to court in the UK; the establishment would have closed ranks, "lessons would have been learned", and the would-be whistle-blowers would have been cast into the outer darkness.

We've seen it many times in "the envy of the world", and there's no doubt the Education Blob are just as expert in their way.

Alas, I fear you're right, Andrew.

Atlanta is the tip if the iceberg. The American education establishment is a major part of the decades old Democrat party machine as it produces reliable funds and votes and even victims when necessary. Blacks are useful pawns, especially when manipulated by other higher ranking blacks. It takes grit and will as tough as the back wall of a shooting gallery to withstand the rage and assaults by the Democrat/education/race cartel. Gradually, this is being done as the presence of America's "first black president" has emboldened many to act illegally, immorally and like any authoritarian mob-- fully convinced of its own "goodness".

Still, time for the bubbly, 'Whiters' - especially after you read my post above this one - although I guess you know all about it anyway.

Whitewall. Could this education issue have any impact on the issue of black crime and the substancial imprisonment of blacks?

Late to the party I know, but worth pointing this out I think.

This outcome was only possible because the board was structured in such a way that the "little people" were able to enforce their will.

In the UK, either there would be no little people on the board, or they would be carefully vetted little people known to have the correct views and be pliable and deferential, or the structure would ensure that the little people were always in a minority.

Example: in Scotland we used to have School Boards, with real useful powers (we could completely dominate the selection process for Head Teachers, for instance), and these boards were structured so that the parents were always the majority and could not be outvoted by the bureaucrats. Well obviously that was all completely unacceptable - as soon as Labour got back, the powers of the boards were reduced to merely advisory, so nobody bothered any more; I don't know whether they even still exist. And now, of course, Scotland is a one-party state, and no parent power or any such notion will ever see the light of day again.

The "cousins" arrange these things so much better, don't they?

Here's a perfect example from today's Mail:

Andrew. Sometimes there has to be trust in teachers as well as accountability. The education system in Scotland was tampered with for ideaology reasons during the late sixties by Labour. This has continued with the Tories in England with their so called free schools. Why on earth the British Grammer School was discontinued is a mystery to me.
We threw a good system away for no good reason except to give politicians another reason to exist. I still have my rare! primary school book with the signature of all my teachers at that time on it. Fond memories indeed for teachers who were not highly paid but did their duty with compassion.

Jimmy, I'm sorry, I just saw your question re black students. Yes this has a part in that set up for failure system that outwardly represents itself has "helping" but in the end, too many kids end up failing. The crooked teachers and administrators however, tend to do nicely with the rigged numbers. Profiting at the expense of their own kind. Modern day slave system of a sort.

Whitewall. I note Jessie Jackson seems to be rejoicing in a white cop being arrested for killing a black man. The same cop would no doubt have shot a white or brown man in the same situation. We never hear in the news about a white cop killing a white suspect or a white criminal killing a white cop.

Jimmy, 'tis often odd with selective outrage and the likes of Jackson, Sharpton etc. In the case yesterday of the white cop killing the black man in North Charleston, does appear from videos that the cop was wrong and was and should be charged. While tragic, it is a god send to the whole race/victim industry as the cause of all problems within the black population. Never mind their problems are found elsewhere and within themselves, this event will mask all that for a while.

As far as blacks killing whites or white cops or each other for that matter, these events are reported, just no follow on orchestrated agitprop. Some deaths are not as useful.

Yeah yeah I know but, the first month broadcast is free - nevermind you got to get permission from certain persons commenting on Diplomad to have your own damn opinion

then again - if you wish to be in the choir - by any and all means I suppose.

BBC SCOTLAND tonight actually used the word racist in regards to the torture and murder of a young man called Criss Donald who had the audacity to befriend a young muslim girl.
Abducted and thrown in the boot of a car. Taken away by Islamists tortured and burnt until his death. And all this in Glasgow Scotland.

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