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Thursday, 30 April 2015


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Sounds as if you need cheering up, David.
You've been reading too many depressing books about war.
Watch "Arsenic and Old Lace" or a Mel Brooks movie or summat.
Lighten up, man.

Aye David, Blazing Saddles, Dock that Nigger a Day,s Pay for laying down on the job.

Well I have studied that man in the painting for a while and either my eye sight is a bit off, or he looks like the latter years of the late actor Ian Carmichael with stage make up half off but hair combed.

No, no, Andra, really, I'm perfectly content being, well, serious, and sometimes, as you might have noticed on this blog, I am even capable of extreme silliness. But just don't keep smiling at me like those bloody sill 'wimmin' on the TV ads!

Jimmy, I fear you have a dose of the JKs! You haven't been up in the hills with Barney Magroo, I trust! Or perhaps in your case, Barney MacGroo!

Blimey, Whitewall, "Ian Carmichael"?! I had no idea you were that ancient!

David build me a shrubbery!

You have still lost me, Jimmy!

So here's that Kevin back again going on about bloody opera, but it just so happens that I was at the Metropolitan Opera, New York the other day watching Cav & Pag*, (well, down my local Vue cinema watching a live simulcast), and Pag, (Pagliacci) is all about this particular clown. (Well, perhaps not this one, but one just like him).

Pagliaccio is the clown in the Commedia del'Arte and the Opera is a play within a play about the happy life of a troop of entertainers on the road.

Here's Pavaroti singing Pagliaccio's main aria as he contemplates life and all that.

To act! …
While gripped by frenzy,
I no longer know
what I'm saying or doing!
And yet … I must … force yourself!
Bah, are you a man?
You're a clown!

Put on your costume
and powder your face.
The audience pays and wants to laugh.
And if Arlecchino
steals Colombina from you,
laugh, Pagliaccio …
and everyone will applaud!.
Turn into jest your anguish and your sorrow,
into a grimace your sobs and your grief.
Laugh, clown, at your broken love,
laugh at the pain which poisons your heart!

Heartwarming stuff,eh!

*Cav & Pag is short for Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci, two fairly short operas that are usually put on together.

David. Monty Python humour, sorry.

Thanks, Kevin, and I envy you you're 'night at the opera'. Er, don't forget to take your red nose off before you go to work!

Well, Jimmy, apart from being obscure you're also 'a very naughty boy'!

This might help.

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