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Thursday, 30 April 2015


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I've visited Ms. Raccoon's blog on this subject and like you I find it impossible to absorb enough detail to take a view on it. However, if 5 of the 11 ‘accounts of crimes’ could not have happened then where does that leave us?

Confused but exceedingly doubtful, Uncle Mort!

Like you I have visited " Ms Racoon" for several years and have found her painfully honest and exceedingly erudite. I do not know the truth about Jimmy Saville but always felt uncomfortable looking at his narcisstic performance but I cannot understand how his alleged myriad of crimes would have gone unnoticed by the media when he was alive. "The good is oft intered with their bones", Where did I hear that?

Peter, I have a very good friend who has spent his entire life in show business as an impresario. His favourite expression is, "I hate the talent!" Even so, you need something more than that to accuse individuals of sexual criminality. An excellent quote, by the way!

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