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Sunday, 19 April 2015


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The late Christopher Hitchens was an interesting writer. I read a good bit of him and watched him interviewed and a time or two and even heard a speech or two. Sometimes he was infuriating and other times quite tolerable. An odd mix who I guess is currently enduring an "odd mix".

On the guilt burdened kraut, according to a piece I read a month or so ago on some blog, there exists in Germany an "anti '68" movement made up of mostly younger adults. '68ers being the short of 1968 meaning the hippy dippy age of post war people. These are the people that were born during and right after the war and who now run things in Germany with the sins of their parents draped over their every action. Point the finger of guilt at them and they collapse. This younger group is evidently fed up with this posture and are rebelling against the '68ers. I haven't seen anymore about this so maybe it just stays within German politics.


A few years ago there was an article "Where Have the Fascists Gone/"

The point was that most of the Fascists were not imprisoned as war criminals. The author doubted that losing the war changed their minds, but any one with a tid bit of common sense knew he better not claim to be supporting fascism, but probably continued to support fascist ideas under new names and flags, sometime loudly denouncing fascism as they did it. It is sometimes suggested that the 68er's, perhaps unknowingly were quasi fascist.

Perhaps their is a new generation unknowingly pushing ideas without realizing it.,d.b2w

Because he was USA-based, and apparently a real Lefty, I didn't follow him too closely - and now I wish I had because, certainly as he got older he told it the way he saw it! As does his brother, Peter, but from a Right-wing, or to be precise, a libertarian, view, here:

As for Germany, well yes, the 'times they are a-changin''. You can get a taste of it from the way the schools of thought in their history academies has altered. Fischer's 1960s book blaming Germany for WWI is now rubbished by the new historical kids on the block. Nothing like intellectuals falling out to provide some real blood 'n' guts fisticuffs!

Christopher Hitchins split from the idiots on the left who do not see Islam as Facist.
Some U Tube encounters with him and others are excellent. I do like his brother Peter simply because he speaks his mind and is not PC.

Hank, sorry, our comments crossed. I have just read your link and it is not only superb but deadly accurate. The fascists have not gone away, they have merely changed their flags!

Hank, my gosh! That is an interesting link.

All of which may be true, but have you read "Peeling the Onion"?

The guys writes like an angel, even in translation.

It is a completely wonderful book.

Strongly recommended.

You're probably right, Andrew, but unfortunately most novels (apart from really low-brow pulp fiction) are beyond me. I know, my bad!

Yeh, but I'd like to see Spielberg make something of this: -


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