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Wednesday, 22 April 2015


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There are these on the flip side.

A little summary.

Well, a sliver of hope, 'Uppers', but the Wisconsin raids were party political.

A snake in its death throes is more dangerous than before. The Democrats have gained control of courts, law enforcement agencies, etc. These are dangerous times in some parts of the country.I am fairly certain that the rabid Democrats in Austin would do the same tio us if they could. They did indict a Congressman because he was a Republican, and it took years for him to clear his name, chiefly by getting a court to notice that what he had done was not against any actual, what do they call them? Oh, yes, laws.We may beat them, but they will go down swinging.

Like I've said, the Cold War didn't end, it ended "over there" but simply reformed and buried itself to become what many refer to as the Deep State. It is the Democrat party. The examples in Texas and Wisconsin are prime examples. Our media condemn? Pravda on the Hudson and Pravda on the Potomac are in on it. The Red bastards.

Michael Adams. The "Democrats" are being forced out of their holes and little soviets to show themselves. They as much as anything will help defeat themselves. I don't mind them "going down swinging". As long as down they go. Oh, I have always believed in making sure that "he that goeth down" doesn't get back up.

" The Democrats have gained control of courts, law enforcement agencies, etc. These are dangerous times in some parts of the country."

I beg to differ.

Arkansas for instance went Republican, and really, just Google "SWAT Team raids wrong house"

You're missing the point, JK. Yes, 'the Plod' all dressed up in their tin hats and with their big guns sometimes make mistakes or get too enthusiastic - although, to be fair, given the vicious scumbags they often have to deal with, I don't always blame them. But this is nothing to do with crime but everything to do with the Democrat party using the police as their armed wing to attack and terrify their political opponents.

Speaking of links, "Deep State" has a sinister reality about it. I suspect elements similar are in Britain. When the Left began its "long march" back in the 1960s, the legal system and academia were crucial elements. Regarding Wisconsin and Texas--

I read that link, Whitewall, and it is deeply worrying. Even a confirmed fundamentalist agnostic like me is near to praying for a strong Republican president next year who will cram all the available vacancies on Federal Courts with Right-wing candidates - especially the Supreme Court!

"You're missing the point, JK."

Without resorting to copying and pasting point by point the entire post David, The Point as presented doesn't make itself entirely clear.

Just the title for instance ... "Where's this ...?"

In paragraph 8 I notice the first instance of a political party ... only in comments do I note the other.

Admittedly I didn't read the link David.

I take it John Chisholm the dastardly Attorney-General of Milwaukee dispatched a Swat Team to the Wisconsin Governor's Mansion in the wee hours of the night? Woke Hizzoner with flashbangs?

"The vicious scumbags" my noble (Republicans All) local PD - assisted by DEA, Fish & Game, and the 16th Judicial Drug Task Force - just seven months ago sent out six teams in the wee hours consisted of nine teenagers and one 76 year-old man [any idea David .. how a 76 year old might react to such?]

The Haul(?) from all ten vicious scumbags?

.06 (or six one-hundredths) of a gram - of marijuana seeds. Not a single firearm in any of the residences.


"Now, Chisholm is abusing his office by bending the law to attack, in the most disgusting and bullying manner, anyone who has been identified as being a supporter or contributor to Gov. Walker."

We have a second amendment in this country. Why isn't it being used? Why isn't the government afraid of the population? That's the point, isn't it?

"Where the people fear the government there is tyranny. Where the government fears the people, there is liberty". Well, I'm close.

Chisholm's "bending the law" hmmm - which law? This one maybe?

(That's the Patriot Act for those maybe not aware.)

Yes Dom .. "we have" a second amendment ... and a fourth, a fifth, several other "Constitutional protections" as a matter of fact.

And far as Whiters "I'm close" I'm beyond that.

Of course Chisholm is abusing his office, David. The “No-Knock” warrants have created a National problem not confined to Wisconsin. It is all political to some extent and becoming progressively worse.

The `in` party of a municipality (city, town, burg or whatever) in giving the "illusion" of being tough on crime, to win public favor, have the Leo's use a more aggressive tactic.

Extraction from original article:
(CNN August 2007) -- A Maryland mayor is asking the federal government to investigate why SWAT team members burst into his home without knocking and shot his two dogs to death in an investigation into a drug smuggling scheme.

"The door flew open," he said. "I heard gunfire shoot off. There was a brief pause and more gunfire. This has been a difficult week and a half for us," Cheye Calvo, mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland, said Thursday. "We lost our family dogs. We did it at the hands of sheriff's deputies who burst through our front door, rifles blazing."

Calvo said he was brought downstairs at gunpoint in his boxer shorts, handcuffed and forced onto the floor with his mother-in-law near the carcass of one of dead dogs.

David Duff | Wednesday, 22 April 2015 at 12:08

"Well, a sliver of hope, 'Uppers', but the Wisconsin raids were party political."

" ... Government agents can tap any and all phones of citizens and monitor their Internet use, tracking every phone call made and received and every web site visited. Under orders from the Justice Department, police can also enter people's homes and seize their property without even informing them a search has taken place (through "sneak and peak warrants"). Law enforcement agencies are empowered to spy on religious and political organizations and individuals without any evidence of criminal activity. ..."

For fairly obvious reasons, this is very emotional for many of us, on both sides of the pond. However, it does have components, pieces, parts. Analysis means cutting apart, and that is an important thing to do. The piece in Texas may be approaching remediation, as the Legislature moves to strip corruption investigation from the Travis County District Attorney, and establish a different system of investigation in place of the present one. There is no real reason why the Travis County DA, whether he is a coke-head, as has been alleged, or she's a drunk, as has been shown repeatedly on video recording, they ought not to have power to influence political activity all over Texas, and even in the United States. Tom Delay's "problem" was that he was a very effective Republican House majority leader. Simply indicting him neutralized his effectiveness, because Republican Party rules require an indicted office holder to give up his offices, like majority leader, speaker of the House, etc, before he is convicted, and even while leaving him in his seat in the House, the Senate, whatever. Note, please, the Democrats have no such rule for themselves, which ought to give everyone pause, but it does not.

With the media covering for them, the Democrats do get away with too much, but we are not powerless against them. If we do, somehow, get a Republican President, and more members of Congress grow a pair and a spine, we can, at least, replace Federal Judges with Republicans, some of whom will enforce the Constitution. US attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President, so we are only safe when the President is a Constitutionalist, but, as my ever brilliant wife says, even if he is not elected, Ted Cruz can move the needle quite a ways to the Right. We'll just have to see.

We can also repeal the damned Patriot Act, which the Republicans opposed, at first, but gave in to pressure from Democrat party hacks, "What, are you on the side of the terrorists?" Ted is pretty good at countering that sort of insidious attack. We shall pray, and we shall see. Maybe the Star Spangled Banner doth yet wave.

Michael, well reasoned post there. Personally I have been out of the country too many times and seen way more than I bargained for in too many dirty out of the news places in my younger years. In the years when the Iron Curtain was very real and had little rust on it, some of what I saw first hand as a young man, set my mind on fire and "bitch slapped" me clear eyed. Right then I pretty well told the 1960s "freedom" from oppression blah muzzle it. After all, these clowns were living in America and yelling about freedom! They. Had. No. Clue. Then I was exposed to Central America just prior to and during the Contra/Sandinista years. I learned who in the West was siding with the Marxist Sandinistas.

Fast forward to now. Too much of what I had seen is beginning to be seen here now with this "president" of ours. I'm much older now, but not without skills and ability. Most of all, I have never forgotten, will not let it go and rarely ever forgive.

Michael, slightly off topic but I am intrigued by your fulsome support for Ted Cruz. I keep seeing his name but I am not at all sure why he is such a favourite - he doesn't seem to have actually done very much in his political career. Put me right on this - why should it be 'Cruz for President'?

It's Kazakhstan. That 'h' is important. ;)

Sorry, hit the button too soon. In Russian, "Kazakh" refers to the ethnic people of Kazakhstan. "Kazak" means Cossack, which is a bit different.


The WI Governors mansion is an hour and half west of Milwaukee county so Milwaukee SWAT team will not raid it.

However it is the "Peoples Republic of Madison" so Dane County or City of Madison might try it, but apparently they lacked the imagination.

There are two issues here.

1) The use of SWAT tactics when there is no call even with real criminals.

2) The use of the police for partisan political advantage.

Both of which are mainfested in this case.

I know Cruz, personally. He is really sharp. He was one of the lawyers who persuaded the Supremes to do the right thing in Bush v. Gore, in 2000. I realize that people have been told, and, therefore, believe, that the Court decided the election. Of course not. They merel,y insisted on some legality in the way the wretched "recounts" would be conducted, which caused the Democrats, at last, to fold. He has spoken forthrightly in the Senate about funding Obamacare. He has spoken out about the travesty of unrestricted immigration. Legal entrants, like Ted's father, go apoplectic about queue jumpers. The Dems have tried to paint him as crazy, which he is not. If he were, he'd have probably been a patient on a ward where I was working.His reasoning in matters is solid, unemotional, and he does not pull punches when he speaks to people who clamour for favorable treatment, like the corn farmers in Iowa, who want the Federales to continue to mandate ten percent ethanol in gasoline sol here, which, in addition to raising the world wide price of food, f**ks up the engines. In general, we do not look for accomplishments, since these depend on other factors, but for consistently advocating good, logical, even moral positions.So, I strongly support him for smartitude and Conservatism.After eight years of the opposites, I think we just might be ready.

I, JK vouchsafe for Michael Adams where Senator Cruz solely is concerned. I, JK trust my other Texan Friends, friends and friends.

Michael's made some earlier errors where the "sunsetting of provisions of the Patriot Act" was concerned but I, JK see those provisions, generally as "no problem." The NSA stuff generally.

It may seem contrary but JK sees no problem with the NSA doing what it [allegedly] does. State and Local PDs however are different animals.

And that's where we run into "problems."

Mister Adams stated earlier:

"We can also repeal the damned Patriot Act, which the Republicans opposed, at first, but gave in to pressure from Democrat party hacks ... We can also repeal the damned Patriot Act, which the Republicans opposed, at first, but gave in to pressure from Democrat party hacks..."

Well not exactly - especially studying the "Sunset Clauses" as I understand those - Pardon Michael;

Immediately following 9/11 it's easy to understand why a Republican President with bi-partisan support negated the Bill of Rights. 98 to 1 in the US Senate and 357 to 66 in the US House of Representatives.

But then, when the Onerous Clauses were to sunset:

"On July 8, 2004, the Sanders-Paul-Conyers-Otter-Nadler amendment to the Commerce, Justice, State and Judiciary Appropriations Bill of 2005 failed to pass the House of Representatives after a 210-210 tie vote. ... The amendment, which had enough votes to pass the House until the Republican leadership suspended the voting rules ... House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) encouraged Republican members to switch their vote."

"In President Bush's 2004 State of the Union address, he expressed his desire to see the USA PATRIOT Act made permanent law (January 20, 2004). During the speech, many members of Congress, both liberal and conservative, applauded when he noted parts of the law would sunset on December 31, 2005. ... *Note: The USA PATRIOT Act was renewed in March 2006. 14 of 16 provisions originally set to sunset are now permanent law, and 2 others were expanded for four years."

Damn Democrats.

Thanks, Tim, I am obviously in need of re-education!

And thank you, too, Michael, for educating me about Cruz. However, as seen "through a glass darkly" from 'over here', I still think he needs time to produce some "accomplishments" of the sort Gov. Walker can boast of.

Now, 'JK', will you stop with all that 'legalese', you're making my head hurt!

Thanks, Tim, I am obviously in need of re-education!

Off to the camps for you! A lot of which were in, erm, Kazakhstan...

Whitewall, Obama has aged a bit. I can see why a President only does two terms. Nasty old world oot there to deal with.

Oh, I well remember how Bush pushed for renewing the Patriot Act. No one thing does in a politician, usually, but the Republicans lost Congress in '06, partly by losing support for just the Patriot Act. Sure, there was an election after the 2004 speech, but it takes a while for a slow burn to generate the heat needed to scare off politicians, rather like holding the lit end of a cigar to a tick's butt. You think you are going to burn the skin before the damned thing backs out. That's not the last comparison between politicians and blood sucking ticks, but it will do for this evening.

JK is right on the broad principle that we must fight the Republicans to get them simply to do what they promised to do. It's not so complicated when we put it that way. Every campaign rally for every treacherous Republican needs to be surrounded by signs, some with nothing more complicated on them than Liar!One saving grace is that Republicans are not even as good as the Democrats at "smoothage." (The opposite of roughage, which makes everything work more efficiently, while "smoothage" just fill you up with, ahem.) Boner, bless his heart, tries, but even a Democrat can see the effluvia.(Aided, of course, by the fact that a Republican is the one under scrutiny.)

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