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Wednesday, 08 April 2015


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It is different interviewing under oath an honorable public servant who respects her oath of office as well as the Constitution she has sworn to defend. But in this case, The Red Queen is to be questioned and she is not restrained by any of the above traits. She is a proven soulless liar, a traitor to her oath and a general all round authoritarian whore.

But, er, she speaks well of you, 'Whiters'!

If she does speak well of me, it is only because of my restraint and gentlemanly demeanor.

But, Duff, Whitewall was alluding to her good traits.

She does seem to have an extensive history of shredding documents, for starters a short list.

Up2L8...thanks for filling in some details regarding HRC. I sought to stop my remarks with the brief intro phase. Modesty prevented me from writing any more.

Would be a disservice not to remind people of her finer qualities and exploit explored more thoroughly.

If there was any justice the wretched woman would do time and yes, yes, I know, but a man may hope, may he not?

David shredding is a natural thing to do for the protection of the State. They only leave some juicy stories for the press and the masses to pass the time away for a while. Tony Blair is still out and about!

People in power always shred history starting with their own.

Yes, Gentlemen, I know that's what they always try to do but the law is the law and it should be enforced and, yeas again, I am indeed a silly naive old fool!

Ehh ... Apologies Ups - that was me exiting 1140ish Zulu [1700 Central] headed Bakersfield. To Moody then explaining, back south to where I'd started.

Yes I heard you "TAP" your doggoned car horn. ("TAP" = an understatement.)

I will say "outstanding" - very few people know how to do Morse and [probably] fewer'd recognize I didn't do/visit as I'd earlier.

You did Ups, manage & surprise ... Confuckingratulations.


If you'll recall Ups provided to your site (way before recently) *more than any other administration* Unanimous decisions Supreme Court against.

I'm betting David I can locate in your D&N Archives, what Ups linked concerning SCOTUS.

Care to wager against?

Yeah yeah I know but, the first month broadcast is free - nevermind you got to get permission from certain persons commenting on Diplomad to have your own damn opinion

then again - if you wish to be in the choir - by any and all means I suppose.

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