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Tuesday, 12 May 2015


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Well he could always adopt the strategy used by the left (was it Lloyd George?) who, when threatened with terminal obstruction by the House of Lords, pointed out that it was within his powers to create as many new Lords as might be necessary to get his programme passed.

What objection could the left possibly have?

Wouldn't a sudden loud noise within their House take care of about a third of them?

It might just come to that, Andrew, plus, perhaps, a threat to lower their 'day rate' to £10 instead of £300.

Good idea, Whitewall, we need a new age Guido Fawkes!

300 quid a day! What a wank!

Andra. I have pointed this out to David. A hard working man losing his job will get around£75 a week jobseekers allowance while this mob of real scroungers bleed the taxpayer.

Wouldn't a sudden loud noise within their House take care of about a third of them?

Probably would. Andrew's idea is a good one. For 300 quid a day [tax free] I'd wear a silly robe. Devious Dave could start with Lords Andrew, Whitewall [you know you want to rejoin the Empire], Duff [x2], Jimmy and Dame Andra.

We could recruit the others of like conservative mind for a small per capita fee.

What's not to like.

Aussie D - Sold!!
Let's do it!

Andra I'll be in the UK in July and I'll put it to Devious Dave. How could he refuse.

Dame Andra of Westminster has a certain ring to it.

AussieD. Lord Didgerry Doo of Cooking the Books.

Jimmy they can call me what they like so long as they throw in the title, red cloak thingie and the 300 quid a day.

Lord Aussie of the Scilly Isles would do. Always had a fascination for that graveyard of ships.

AussieD...If my paternal grandparents were alive today, they would encourage me to give it a serious think. They were born in the 1870s and had very traditional views.

Oh, a minor title of some sort would be nice. I've never had one that could be spoken out loud in polite company.

Whitewall. 1870 is a familiar date. My great granny and granda were married that year in Belfast. The Church is now Belfast Cathedral.

Dame Red of the Isles has always sounded good to me. Especially for a cloak and 300 quid a day.

Is the cloak free or do you have to bring your own?

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