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Saturday, 02 May 2015


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"And is there honey still for tea?"

For you, always, Andra, and a bottle of 'Sauv Blanc'!

A beautiful poem. I first came across it while attending second year of grammar school. Didn't understand it then and still have a lot of trouble with its imagery. Who do the listeners represent? Is the rider dead? Why did he promise to return?
Help me out here.

Hello, Timbo, haven't seen you around for a while. Yes, I, too, was introduced to it at Grammar School - Miss Woods: Eng. Lang. & Lit., circa 1952 - oh God, where did the years go? I don't think the mystery is solvable, everyone reads into it what they want or feel. Also, it is best when you read it out *aloud* to yourself.

Sorry for not being more active, Duffers. I do check in every day, though. It's just that I'm a strong silent type or something.

With mouthy buggers like me around we could do with more 'strong silent types' like you, Timbo!

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