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Thursday, 14 May 2015


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The Left here as well as there stripped bare. A mile wide and an inch high tide.

Labour sounds like our own Left:

Whitewall. Daniel Hannan MEP is one of those guys who talks sense but you do not hear much from him as the EU business is not talked about frequently in fact if it was not for UKIP exposing the EU for the gravy train it is then we would be lucky to hear anything.
Hannan sums up many in the Labour movement who are bitter and hateful. I personally bore the brunt from them during the 70's at a TU conference when I dared to stand up and oppose unilateral disarmament. All the motions at such conferences were prepared, signed and sealed by the comrades well in advance and no one dare oppose. And of course in those days the comrades would come back from the USSR with glowing stories about utopia.

Jimmy, I get to read Hannan once in a while and he does make sense. I don't keep up with the European Parliament as the very notion sort of offends me...and I live over here! Those Comrades back then I am familiar with. I've met some in some unsavory places where they "no speak English". I detested them then and now. One of those commie boys told me that he and his type would one day rule over America. He basically wanted to know what I would be willing to give him on that day. My stock answer was and is "a brief funeral and a prompt burial". The conversation ended.

Whitewall, i like the cut of your jib.

Timbo, thanks. I sense we are of like mind?

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