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Friday, 01 May 2015


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Has YMD got a plan? He lets the other lot make the running for two weeks and then springs into action. I seem to remember one of Mrs Thatcher's elections being like that.

Tortoise and hare, BOE, it's all been carefully planned, don'cha know!

You BOE notice anything oh, how do I put it ...

ObamadongaCameron as David's going on here? (Duff always and ever, "He's NOT my YMD !!! etc etc."

Then a third paragraph beginning with the very first sentence outta the chute Dave, on the other hand, was amazing!

Duffers going on like that I worry ya'll are maybe gonna re-take Zimbabwe? Recruit the Lord's Army?

Steady the Duff!

I thought the whole event was a farce. Clegg seemed the more confident but he has nothing to lose but his own seat.

Calm down, JK!

Well, Jimmy, I'm surprised but then YME (Your Man Ed) was crass beyond belief. Actually I thought the format was excellent with each man standing alone taking questions from a politically aware audience. A real tester for all of them.

Re Mr. Hodges' article, it seems to me that the "unknowns" break towards the most boring/unfashionable and least publicised party, and away from the exciting/fashionable most publicised ones. Simply because some people tell pollsters what they think the pollsters want to hear, and some people want to appear in with the in crowd- especially when this can be achieved at no cost.
Hence the undecided will break partly for the Tories (who the BBC undermine at every opportunity) and partly for UKIP (also undermined by the BBC and with no newspaper support at all until recently) in England, and will break away from the SNP in Scotland.
Further I would expect to find that UKIP canvass returns show more support than they will actually get and SNP canvass returns will show a considerably higher level of support than they will actually get.
Expect the SNP to become even more convinced that MI5 are stuffing ballot boxes, because they take their own canvass returns as gospel.

David I thought some in the audience were hostile to Milliband. The old crap about the joke note being dragged in has worn thin. Nothing was said or done that we did not already know about. How many times does Milliband have to say he will not do a deal with the SNP! Cameron needs to spell out his cuts, saying he does not know yet does not wash.
Clegg was a fool to nail his colours to the mast at the last election about student grants. Most people I speak to think students should pay some back. If they get the huge salaries they aspire to.

Pat, all we can do is wait until Friday morning - such fun!

Jimmy, the audience was equally tough towards Dave.

I didn't watch this programme. But reports suggest that the audience was hostile to all of them! But then, this probably the first time these guys have actually met real people.

A little harsh, BOE, because Dave seems to have spent the past week doing nothing but shaking hands with the, er, plebs!

BOE. Thousands of working class vote Tory all over Britain. In fact Mrs Thatcher would not have done it without the working class vote. It was the Tory ruling class that plotted to depose her. The same mob that made her an idol. When the Tory daggers are out you are dead meat as will happen to Cameron next week if they lose.

My word, Baron Duff, you are gullible! When Cameron, or the other two, meets "real people", the meeting is one of two kinds. The "people" are all activists and/or party members. Or he is at some factory or whatever. All the people are in brand new overalls and shiny new yellow hats. And their employer has told them there is to be no unseemly behaviour or difficult questions. Otherwise, P45 time...........

I agree, BOE, that that is the case most of the time but this was genuinely different. They were all people with matured political opinions (even the youngsters), dare I say, not too different from the regulars here! And they asked some rough-tough questions.

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