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Sunday, 10 May 2015


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What a coincidence, we just bought her CD a couple of weeks ago and have been listening to it ever since.

Fluffbun seems to like that song very much, and keeps singing along whenever it comes on with a glint on her eye and an exaggerated tone in her voice, I wonder whatever can it mean?


Uhmm David?

I have a question.

Most generally when you're going on about some 'what-not' such as you've been the last coupla days you're always stealing stuff quoting some fellow name of ... oh what izzit?

Brazier? ... No that's not it. ...Lemme see... I think - whoever the fellow is had something to do with some saloon wasn't it?

That's not quite right I'm thinking.

Starbucks? ... No .. but something to do with ... ah I have it! Or maybe just an approximation - Coffeehouse ... and some fellow oh what the heck his name as I recall is somewhat akin to Brazier. (Always going on about how David's BFF David Call me Duff ought be taking some American advice.

Something like that anyway. Now. Where was I?

Oh yeah David.

"Duff" I mean to say - Can this be true as I'm reading it?

(Not meaning to confuse the "Call me Daves" you understand):

"... But there was one man who did see a Tory victory coming: Jim Messina. The Obama guru and former White House deputy chief of staff was hired by the Tories. ..."

That's your Bedfellow izzit David?

Either one of you Davids can answer that. (Whitewall as it happens put into a comment not so long ago would seem to rectify my confusion. "Our" Ace of Spades alluding to it.)

"Now. Where was I?" As so often, JK, I haven't a clue but eventually your links provided an answer! And also, you forgot to lift your 'italics' instruction - which I have now done for you!

Lawrence, I'm not sure but I would attach a tracking device to her!

Obama's Guru to David's Rescue.

Long Live ... Devious!

How can it but?

David, yesterday was one of those days for me too. I was off at daybreak for a day on the lake fishing. A nearly sacred duty.

My God, 'Whiters', your behaviour in faithfully answering the call of duty is an example to us all!

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