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Friday, 15 May 2015


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Hmm. Union bosses, rich leaders and the Labour mindset. Sounds like a perfect recipe for a circular firing squad. Let no one miss.

Sorry Whitewall, I comes up with the replies to "No, I don't know what has been discovered nor by whom but this Sunday's papers might make for interesting reading!"

But then Whitewall, I suppose there's some fucktuals factuals as it all sounds Bercow to me;

Actually, Chuckka, although he talked some real bollocks sometimes, came over as a decent enough sort.

I think Jim Murphy would be a charismatic and capable leader too (although being a lefty talks bollocks as well), so let's hope he decides not to bother.

Bring on Yvette or Harperson - yeahhhh they'll be out for a generation!!

I want Yvette - no, no, not in that way, after all, one knows where she's been! No, I want her as Labour leader for precisely and exactly the reason contained in your final shrewd sentence, Cuffers.

"I think Jim Murphy would be a charismatic and capable leader too"
this must be the most ridiculous comment ever made in the comment section of any blog/website anywhere that the internet can reach.
I can only assume that Cuffleyburgers is Jim Murphy.

Tom Malcolmson - ROFLMAO. No Im not Jim Murphy and I barely know the guy - I've probably heard him say a geand total of 10 words... But I know my mum quite likes him, mind you she quite likes me as well so may be that's not such a significant factor in his favour.

Thanks for pointing out the absurdity of my statement - and you know what, they don't have anybody who is charismatic or capable.

Getting back to the Tories, is it true that Cameron said "it's not enough to obey the law, if don't like you we'll come and get you" or words to that effect?

What an utter arse, and fascist.

Still we've been headed in that direction ever since Blair was first elected my god - which brings me to, you know how you can have multiple life sentences; could you have multiple death sentences? I suppose that was teh idea behind hanging, drawing and quartering, which would be fine except that four different parts of the country would be blighted by having a partt of him there. Maybe we could send a part to Texas, a part to Bagdad, and dump the rest in Fuckyoushima, or simply multiple hangings, if nothing else it would give a much needed filip to the British rope industry except that of course under EU procurement legislation we would be obliged import it from moldovia or somewhere...

Anyway cheers Duff old sport and don't chuck your ipad out of the hotel balcony.

Cleckheaton? I know it well - still gritty and northern. It's where Panther motorcycles were made.

I thought Murphy was OK but the Scottish who enjoy a good standard of living due to the Empire and Tony Blair seem to want their cake and eat it. The Scots like some leftie liberal English types take what they can from the system and moan. They are like Catholics going to confession and asking for forgiveness for plundering the world while drinking the wine.

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