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Wednesday, 27 May 2015


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Well I don't feel menaced by America.

The only menacing America seems to do is targeted at all the villains and shits of the world, like this bunch of arsewipes: -

Seems like the only place in the world that still has a pair big enough to stand up to the scumbags of the world.

Keep menacing, USA!


Do read me more carefully, SoD! It wasn't the menace OF America that concerned me but the menace IN America.

As to their prosecuting authorities, I, too, am delighted that at last someone has taken action against the 'fester-pit' that is FIFA. However, just to contradict myself - so no change there then - in general, I view the activities of the American prosecuting authorities with great suspicion. They are not an independent judicial body but an arm of the Federal government, aka, 'Obama's apparat'. Now that is real menace so 'be afraid, be vey afraid'!

Very good. Keep up the good work.
Who's this Andra?

I know we in the US are guilty of misspelling many words according to foreign standards, but how can Clinton Foundation be spelled FIFA?

But but they don't even like football (soccer) over there!

Clinton Foundation = FIFA Funding International Fools Association. Best I could do on the fly!

missred, nicely done! I shall brazenly steal that!

You want to have some fun? Rick Santorum is a nobody running for office. Click here to see his web site and what he throws out if the page is not found,

Rick Santorum

'You say Andrea, I say Andra, let's call the whole thing off'!

Well composed, Miss Red.

Dom, that Rick Santorum is "a very naughty boy" and he made me laugh.

Strange when the Yanks pursue criminals there is an outcry. Assange is hiding out in the Equadorian Embassy. Snowden is enjoying asylum in the USSR sorry Russia the country that has slaughtered and imprisoned milllions including their own war veterans.
Perhaps they know the evidence against them is compelling and are prepared to hide and moreso when they know they could have the best lawyers like Perry Mason. Their hiding says it all about them and their supporters.

Oh, and which other laws and norms defying crook would step in to defend the arsewipes? : -

Yes of course, Ukip's darling,


I was just reflecting how FIFA and social democracy have so much in common.

A bunch of crooks bribe the masses with other people's money, while at the same time skimming off the top to line their own pockets. And how that configuration sustains their re-election: -

And why the law needs to be more powerful than the executive, even when the executive is elected.


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