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Wednesday, 06 May 2015


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Yessir, that's the model. Every Blue Governing model across America. Promise a big pot of Government knows best money for poor blighted urban areas and who shows up to claim it and manage it? Democrats. Now a days prominent black ones to make matters worse. They don't mind one bit enriching themselves on the backs of the desperately poor- their own people-at all. If the nationality of these news articles were left off and the same behaviors took place, a reader would just as easily assume this was some third world African thugocracy.

These days I struggle to get past phrases such as "President Obama claimed..." as I know it will do me no good. Hasn't done Baltimore much good either in spite of those 290 lottery winners.

"lottery winners"! Neat phrase, Uncle, but alas the poor saps only received the odd $3 on the end. The rest went to all those Democrat 'apparatchiks' who cream it off in the middle as 'Whitewall' points out so bitterly above.

I can detect a tension from the UK tonight. All the way to the East coast of the US.

Whitewall the last time we had tension was wben the Soviets turned back from Cuba. It has been gentle relief since then.

Yes, indeed, Whitewall, today's the day! The Jocks might go mad, it's part of their nature, but I can't believe the majority of the English will dig a hole in the sand and then vote through their backsides!

With a bit of luck, today will be the day when the electorate (including the Scots) blow the cosy set up our politicians have built for themselves, to BITS!

That 'bringing down the temple' stuff didn't go very well for Samson, though!

David. A member of the Lords if he/she decides to get out of bed and attend gets a daily rate ranging from £150 - £300. A job - seeker if the DWP do their admin! Will get £70 per week with no travel expenses and is expected to look for work without much help from the DWP.
A refugee will get a free bus pass and food vouchers. A British worker if in the opinion of the DWP is not trying hard enough to find a job is sent to a food bank. A friend of mine an ex squaddie was on a o hour contract and layed off for three weeks over Easter because of the nature of his job. Although he was starting back after Easter the DWP told him to seek work but tell the employer that may interview him he was starting back. If he did not do this he would not get his £70 per week. The system stinks David.

And do you seriously believe, Jimmy, that the two Eds and their commissar Len MacCluskey will improve matters?

It is only a matter of changing the law. Fair play and free beer for the workers.

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