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Thursday, 14 May 2015


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Well, I was as enthusiastic as you when I first got into it. There was generally one big belly laugh per episode in Season One which was great comic relief.
I started losing interest in about the third season and now I'm completely bogged half-way through the fifth season. Haven't looked at it for a couple of months.
I have a "Final Season" I doubt I'll ever watch and I rather think there is a mini-season after that.

Not too dissimilar to 'The Wire' which went off a bit towards the end. We shall see.

Dying man worries about how his family will cope financially after his death so starts producing a highly addictive substance which will cause the death and degradation of thousands of (off screen) people, the ruin of his marriage, the end of his relationship with his son, and the destruction of the quality of life of those nearest and dearest to him. What's not to like?
I spent 8 years in a County Police drug squad so my view of the series may be biased, despite the brilliant acting.

Point taken, Pensievat, but arrogant stupid, selfish, old king with three daughters destroys them and his kingdom and it turns out to be the greatest play ever written. The question is, will I, despite his manifold faults, end up feeling pity for our 'hero'? We shall see!

One of the things that really annoyed me about Breaking Bad was the "hero's"
Walt just has the one expression - gormless. He spends the whole time just looking gormless. I can't think of any other word for it and it pissed me off.
How he won so many acting awards for this one dumb face is a mystery ... to me, at least.

Thought it was brilliant, myself. You'll like it, D.

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