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Thursday, 21 May 2015


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Blindheim, nice little place, was there about 30 years ago. Hope the beer is as good now as it was then.

He was a great man for Logistics. Planning and preparation. Blenheim Palace is a great visit.
Today is the anniversary when the Little Ships set sail for Dunkirk.

'...on his amazing march from the Low Countries down and along the Danube that culminated in the great victory at the battle of Blenheim'

He couldn't do that march these days - AFAIK the Danube has been moved since then. These Europeans are always messing about with stuff. 'Grands Projets'!

Keep off the pastis

"Keep off the pastis"

Is there a Greggs in Cannes? Ah, not pasties, then . . .

Now you good people of Britain should really stop parking your cars in such a haphazard manner...

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