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Wednesday, 20 May 2015


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Ah yes, devolution and localism. In the course of researching my family history I read a lot about the conditions of the people of this country in the 18th and 19th centuries. My lot were invariably at the bottom of the heap. If the tyrants in control are living with you in your village, you are at their mercy. Every little detail of your life will be known to them, and they will lever that knowledge to exercise control.

Hilton, of course, has legged it to California. Life for people like him in California is lovely. Try reading some stuff by Victor Hansen to see what life is like for the ordinary people.

Should be Victor Davis Hanson

Hanson is an excellent choice.

We do, indeed, see corruption at the local level. Remember,though, that most cities, even small towns, have a city manager who is responsible to the council, not the mayor. Also, all the local governments are answerable at law for their actions. The main reason we prefer a more local approach is that someone making decisions for us fifteen hundred miles away will probably get it wrong. It's very different for you all, if the decisions are being made in London. In Brussels? That would be something to piss off most Americans.

A further point on the Right here is that, the less we allow the government to do, the fewer opportunities for corruption or for petty tyranny.

Anyway, the very best of luck with all this. Maybe learn a bit from our mistakes? Also, any day one reads Victor Davis Hansen is a day one will go to bed smarter than he woke up that morning.

Yep, party's over with this new Tory bunch. They need watching like hawks, of course.

I helped a friend take this councillor through the system in 2003-4: -

Got the sleaze-ball banned for a year from working on the planning committee only. And look at the response he gave "I didn't think I was doing anything wrong because the rules weren't made clear to me." What about some kind of self-sense of right and wrong?

And even though the system we used to get that result was not great, as the 1 year planning committee ban showed (the fucker kept his other jobs on the council!), and widely criticized by Private Eye for actually turning away whistle-blowers ...

... at least it was something, and a start in the right direction.

But hey, guess what, the whole Standards Board for England was canned by the coalition.

No wonder the politicos want to expand local government - it's the bit of government that has least transparency, inspection, regulation, and legal protection for the citizen. An ideal hideout for sleaze-balls.

And 1400 young girls in Rotherham are a far more serious and sad testimony to the truth of that than my case,


I had to laugh when the Hamiltons were done for accepting large brown envelopes for alleged services rendered. In Glasgow according to an ex councillor colleague they were told never to accept a drink sent to them from a stranger! in a bar.
The building trade and councillors have had a reputation of being onerous in the past.
Then there is the Glasgow councillors who go on a foreign swannee looking at transport ticketing systems that they know cannot be implemented because of competition and privatisation. And they get away with it.

Here are a couple of off-topic items from a small village in Cornwall. This morning a formation of 5 RN Seakings flew overhead. They were doing a farewell tour of Cornwall from their base at RNAS Culdrose. Our clueless misbegotten government is replacing them with TWO commercial choppers based at Eastleigh airport. For those who don't know, Eastleigh is near Southampton, about an hours flying time east of Culdrose. So if you are drowning off the Scillies, try and do it slowly.

I can't remember what the other topic was! Oh yes, just reading Bernard Cornwall's account of Waterloo. Nicely written with excellent pictures and maps. And only £4-off from you know-who.


sometimes words have meanings and sometimes people eventually take you seriously and sometimes you can pay dearly for them. The time will come when enough is enough.

Mind you, she's hot; I would. All is forgiven: -

I like the bit where he says "Have any of you (white men) ever been masturbated at in the street by a woman, or shouted at 'Do you fancy a shag'" - was I the only one to think "Only in my dreams"?


Well SoD, she is attractive alright. With the full text, her remarks are less inflammatory but the hashtag falls under what many now refer to as "eliminationist rhetoric".

Keep your eyes peeled for "special women" on the streets after this affair is widely known. Some lady may surely make your day ;)

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