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Wednesday, 13 May 2015


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"The fact that they are to receive this money despite only managing to gain one seat offends the sensibilities"

You've got a nerve old son. So 1 MP but 4 million votes. SNP 58 seats but 1.8 million votes. SNP+Lib Dem less votes in total than UKIP but get 66 seats between them. If you want something that "offends the sensibilities" its staring you in the face.

But no, have a bash at UKIP instead. Get a grip man

You probably know David me, just looking at that "one man, one vote" ... okay, 'one man/pederast/[small *q*]Queen/whatever ya'lls equivalent of our LGBTEIEIO/ Jimmy Saviles (deceased voters)/The Balls etc

Twice the total votes gets one and half that gets 100+?

Fuck. That's worse even than our Electoral College!


But then I reckon so long as "The Two Indistinguishable Davids" - except for the one blogging and the other (cough) governing, hew to the same

What could possibly go wrong?

Spam Duff. In the spam.

1/3 ex-BNP, 1/3 ex-Lab, 1/3 ex-Con.

The menage a trois from hell,


If the system says that is what you get then take it or change the system.
Without UKIP the EU would not be on the agenda. Goodness Lawrence all the parties have weirdos and turncoats.

Starting a few months before the Euro elections in May 2014 and continuing now, the press and TV have wailed and whinged about every fault they can find with UKIP. So come along chaps, our host is just following the fashion.

As I said in a post down below, BOE, the time to kick a man (or political party) is when he's down!

Up or down, its always time to kick UKIP as far as the British press and TV are concerned. I was merely pointing out that you are as one with the herd!


What r said.

Come on, chaps, admit it, UKIP is falling apart.

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