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Monday, 04 May 2015


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He could plant it on the Bridge between Windsor and Eton and let the future Tory Boys know they are not the only occupiers of the planet. I do not think think Mr Milliband is a threat to Sunday Lunch in the Shires.

To quote a phrase, 'You might think that, Jimmy, I couldn't possibly comment!'

I was going to comment; but then I thought - why bother? Nothing I can say can compare with the complete idiocy of our politicians.

I know what you mean, BOE, but what does it say about us, the electorate, that they believe such things work?

As the opinion polls don't seemed to changed for months now, I wonder whether they are working. Anyway, I don't regard myself as part of the electorate - they are nothing to do with me!

Update in Glasgow. Labour rally verbally attacked by Nat-sis calling Labour Red Tories. STOP. Followed by a scuffle. STOP. Eddie Izzard in attendance supporting Labour.STOP.
This Nat-sis mob are suspected of holding a rally in Glasgow last week accompanied by an Irish Republican Band some waving Irish Tricoulers. STOP. Seems like the the boat pilot lost his way from Libya.STOP.

They never show the 'don't knows', BOE, and they are the ones hwo will decide it when they are faced with a blank voting ballot and are forced to choose. I live in hope!

As I said in a previous post, Jimmy, 'there will be blood'!

It would appear that the news has not yet reached across the wave, but, yesterday, at about 1900 hours, a couple of spokesmen for the Religion of Peace tried to shoot up a cartoon exhibit and contest, which was offering a prize for the best "Draw Mo" cartoon. The contest was being held in Garland, a suburb of Dallas. The security guards out front shot both spokesmen, after one guard was wounded in the ankle. Sadly, both of the RoP martyrs are going about the business of enjoying their seventy two virgins, or white grapes, or whatever. They had driven from their home in Arizona, where their madrasa or state school failed to depict Texas as an unsafe place for jihadi violence, er, jihadi peaceful protest. The Communist News Network interviewed the organizer of the contest, Pamela Geller, from New York. With her tongue alone, Ms. Geller should be considered armed and dangerous. She took the CNN bimbo apart. Thus, an exhibit which would have received very little publicity, since the Left-leaning media would have succeeded in ignoring it, has ended with two non-violent protesters for the Religion of Peace DRT,(Dead Right There)and much outraged discussion from every medium. Not a bad twenty four hours for our side.

Some additional details reiterating Michael's observation of "Texas as an unsafe place for jihadiparties."

The would-bes pulled up to the perimeter of the venue and exiting their car with long guns they came face-to-face with a solitary traffic officer armed solely with his service pistol.

The Texan dispatched the Arizonans to their reward. Quickly.

The FBI guys felt left out apparently.

There are a couple of factors that might affect the outcome. Apparently 40% of the electorate are still undecided. Or say theY are. In the last GE in 2010, the Tories got roughly the same number of votes as the SNP. I Wonder what they will do? Off to the Minack - and it's raining!

Michael it is well and truly over here. And well done for the interception by your forces.

David just had a swatch at that Russell Brand. Reminds me of Robert Powell. Has the new Messiah arrived.

Jk. If this was the case then the cop will probably be charged with murder in Baltimore.
However if he did the business then I send the cop my best wishes.

Tell me tomorrow, BOE, what you saw and how good/bad was it? I assume it might be "The Tempest" given the weather!

Almost went with putting this under Whitewall's "Look, it's not my fault!"

Except. It happened in Texas.

Sound UP!

JK, funny as hell! Reminds me of that movie some years ago but can't think of the title.

Jk. That was funny and Rachael is a fine looking woman, reminded me of Sarah Palin.

Past events show that the English electorate will believe anything.
Hence the dismemberment of what was once Great Britain.

Newsflash from Cornwall! Last night at the Minack was "One Fine Day", an anthology of Pucinni's music narrated by DCI Barnaby v1. In the second half it rained buckets, provoking a SOHF!

I've just worked out "SOHF". You do love your acronyms, BOE!

Jimmy, despite all the mentions of bacterial infections which Rachel thought to mention, David's Darling Sarah I can assure you Sir, would not've lost all measure of composure!

Sarah, unlike obviously Rachel - would know to piss delicately. She hunts moose - large caliberly.

'The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!'

macheath-That's the one! Thanks, I couldn't remember it.

Jimmy, not "forces", just one, count him,ONE, traffic cop, with a PISTOL!(They had rifles.)

Michael. At least someone was alert and did his duty. Those Jihadists have embedded themselves in our societies and will take every opportunity to kill. As I have been saying long before 9/11 we should not have let Islamists into our countries. They have one mission death and Islam, sorry two missions!

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