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Sunday, 10 May 2015


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Were those the youngsters who were out in protest across London because they were shocked the Tory party won? I saw where they even defaced a WW2 monument to Women vets? Sad bunch of cosseted children.

Whitewall. The defacing of this monument just shows the mentality of those idiots. I was in London several years back when the anti capitalist mobsters were smashing up shops in Whitehall. An excuse for a young female walked up to a copper at the Embankment Tube Stn dropped her knickers kneeled down and pissed in front of him staring up at him hoping to get a reaction.
My mrs stopped me from booting her over. The copper remained calm and let her walk off.

Well Jimmy, it is at least comforting to know all the Left wing wackos, Red diaper babies and mobs of rent-a reds are not all in the US.

Whitewall just moving of the subject. Raul Castro is now it seems returning to the Jesuit Catholic fold. Old shagger Kennedy may be resurrected with the good news! And here was us all expecting to be vapourised in the old days for their project. I recall my Da saying do not worry it will be quick. Then I went to school.

There's no fool like an old fool.
Apply that where you will.

Now look here, Andra, here at D&N we pride ourselves on having the finest collection of old fools you will find anywhere in Blogdom!

I'm shocked by Andra's description of so many of you here as "old fools"! Most of you are nowhere near that old.

Jimmy, the Pope is Catholic and Castro is Communist. Communists are, first and foremost, liars. When the Pope dies, he will be a dead Catholic. When Castro will be a good day.

An excuse for a young female walked up to a copper at the Embankment Tube Stn dropped her knickers kneeled down and pissed in front of him staring up at him hoping to get a reaction.

Thank you Jimmy you reminded me of a little incident I witnessed here in Melbourne several years ago. A scruffy, unwashed individual at one of the regular anti-something rallies stood toe to toe with a young copper and stuck his unwashed, unshaven mug in the young copper's face. The only perceptible movement was a slight one from the copper's right arm as he crunched the wally's family jewels with a baton. If I hadn't been walking close to the police officer to access the building "under siege" I would never have seen it. Sometimes life can be a bitch. With one small movement young plod may have saved the world from unwashed's possible offspring.

Hello AussieD!

Whitewall. I thought Castro was dead and has been injected to prop him up.
I note Mrs Obama has been wining to students about race.

Jimmy, the Castro boys have that fossilized "dead Commie walking" look. When they die, their heads will be filed to a point, threaded and then the body will simply be screwed into the ground.

MooChelle knows nothing else.

"Moochelle"! I'm shocked, 'Whiters', that a good ol' Southern Gen'aman like you should stoop to such rudery to a lady even if it did cause me to fall off my chair laughing!

I was actually thinking of Raul Castro when I made that comment but I'm pleased to see your constructive thinking.
On the subject of Cuba, I was there some 12 years or so ago and I'd like to return when the Castro boys have left the planet. The Cubans are lovely people and the music is amazing but the food, what little there is of it, is inedible. I ate something like 2 bananas and a biscuit in the 10 days I was there. And there's no shops so you can't buy any food!
Still, the music was worth it!

'Gotta lurve that socialism, baby'!

David I trust it was a low chair?

Andra you are right about Cuba. After the Castros have assumed room temperature and their secret police have been disposed of, it will need some sprucing up and restocking, and then it may become the fine place it used to be.

When Castro came to power, Cuba had the fourth highest standard of living in the Western Hemisphere.

There are tons of Cuban restaurants and just ordinary Cuban neighbors and co workers, who cook wondrous Cuban dishes. They buy their ingredients in the HEB, of course. They are also fond of pressure cookers, as am I. My family are somewhere between amused and appalled by my eight specimens, one of which was made in Spain, and that brand is still quite popular with Cubans. I assure my family that I can be buried in the pressure cookers, provided someone can be found to cut my corporeal residue into parts to fit the pots.

Er, but, Michael, my dear chap, having pressure-cooked your various bits of "corporeal residue" what does one drink with it? Red? White? Bordeaux or Burgundy? Or perhaps, given the Cuban recipe, a Spanish Rioja?

G'day Whitewall.

What does one drink with it? Red wine.

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