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Tuesday, 19 May 2015


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On a more optimistic note. We now have an English majority in the HoC! Over 500 of the 656 MPs represent English constituencies! We don't need to change the rules - there will be an English majority on tap. Especially as the Labour MPs probably hate the SNP more than they hate the Tories.

An old businessman advised me never to gloat over a failed business, good competition kept you sharp. As things stand we can look forward to a Tory government for at least 10 years when it will have become mired in arrogance, sleaze and all the usual and lose the 2025 or 2030 election. By which time a totally unreformed Labour government will get in, do OK for a bit then screw up ready for us to repeat the whole sorry cycle again. Cameron won against a very poor field, our system is as bad as ever. Oh Britain, poor poor Britain.

And joy of joys, we now have the Nats pissing off Labour big-time with their musical chairs House of Commons stunt. This is beyond stupid. Never forget that the Tories' majority is wafer thin. Should Cameron and his spadocracy bring in a really STUPID piece of legislation that harmed the Scots, it would only require a handful of the Tory awkward squad to vote against it to cause serious problems. The Nats would almost definitely then need Labour support to overturn it. If they had really pissed Labour off, which they already seem well on the way to doing, that support would probably not be forthcoming. Never forget that Cameron's appalling judgment is well proven. This little scenario could conceivably come true.

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