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Thursday, 07 May 2015


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Of course, we could just eat Annan and his friends.

I have in mind an entrée fit for Kofi, but owing to my good manners and delicate nature, I will leave it off the menu.

Complaining about a “rapidly growing middle class,”

That's what they hate, the thought of a world teeming with educated and capable people.

Thirty five years ago, on expedition in the Gran Sabana in Venezuela; we had just set camp and true to our traditions were celebrating with whiskey on the rocks, before all the rocks melted. Our libations were interrupted by a swarm of locusts, (I would say a plague would be an exaggeration) which flew overhead, some of which made a pit stop in our camp. This freaked the children out, as who wants a large insect walking over your sandwich?
Their father was in the act of assuring them that the olive green monsters were really harmless when one landed on his face, gripping both ears.
If there were an Olympic event for the throwing of the ice cubes, I would have recommended him to represent his country.

During this whole period, I never once thought, "Hmm, that look tasty".

Whitewall. I only have common courtesy and good manners towards people who contribute to society therefore Annan would be the little bits in the bread and butter pudding.


Poor Queen Marie Antoinette. There is no contemporary evidence she ever said such a thing, the alleged quote was first reported long after the fact.

I know this is likely more math than is needed to pass a Lance Corporal promotion exam, which I doubt Kofi Annan could pass, but there seems to be some doubt about the relation between Carbon Dioxide and Temperature.

Quite right, Hank, all this CO2 nonsense was always a means to an end, that is, to lay the blame on 'people' who must therefore be contained and controlled - er, for the good of Mankind, naturally!

Timbo, Timbo, please, please tell my someone captured that on film - I would pay good money to see it!

Insects? Luxury! When thee an' me wor lads, we 'ad sawdust and water, an' damn' little of that!

Duffers, those were the days, in my case, of Ektachrome slide film and 8mm home movies. I don't even have the slides now as my ex wife took the lot!

However, as God is my witness, I swear it happened exactly as I described, or at least I'm 60% sure that at least 50% is true.

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